Lovosice vote and select interesting projects in the first participatory budget

Lovosice vote and select interesting projects in the first participatory budget
Lovosice vote and select interesting projects in the first participatory budget

Two million crowns. This is an amount whose use can now be decided by the residents of Lovosice themselves in the so-called participatory budget. They have eight projects to choose from. Next time they will be able to nominate themselves.

Wenceslas Square in Lovosice. illustrative photo

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The city of Lovosice launched the pilot year of the so-called participatory budget. It allocates part of the funds intended for investments in the next year, and the citizens themselves decide on its use. They can vote for the project that they consider beneficial. This system is already used by town halls and municipalities in a number of North Bohemian cities.

In the case of Lovosice, the total amount is two million crowns. The participatory budget here was called LOVO Hlas: Tvoříme Lovosice.

Voting for individual projects can be found on the munipolis.cz website.

“This year’s LOVO Hlas represents the first step towards the full deployment of the participatory budget in Lovosice. This year, citizens can participate in voting and choose the best projects from the list, which was compiled based on the recommendations of the newly established Commission of the City Council,” informed the Lovosice town hall.

All citizens with permanent residence in Lovosice can vote. Everyone has one negative and three positive votes, which they can give to one project or split them.

A million for the ideas of the people of Litoměřice. The city will implement people’s suggestions, the vote will decide

“Voting takes place until December 12, 2023 through the Munipolis platform, while unregistered users can also participate. You just need to enter your phone number, to which a confirmation SMS will arrive,” explained the representatives of the city office.

For the first time, citizens of Lovosice can choose between eight given projects. Next year, the office already wants to launch a “full version” of participatory budgeting and allow the public to nominate projects and ideas themselves.

From which projects are selected:

1. Restoration of the children’s playground in Nádražní Street
Construction of a tower assembly with a slide, placement of a machine-type climbing frame and a spring swing, including the creation of a duck-like impact surface including curbs.
Price: 430,000 crowns

2. Modernization of the bike path to Malé Žernoseke
Repair and addition of furniture, creation of one rest area, installation of trash cans. The vote only concerns new furniture along the route, with resurfacing already planned for 2024 and will be carried out regardless of the outcome of the vote.
Price: 150,000 crowns

3. Historical educational trail across Lovosice
Installation of information signs with important places and personalities associated with the history of the city. Creation of a completely new educational route for citizens and visitors to the city.
Price: 250,000 crowns

4. Parking for bicycles at school facilities
Installation of approximately 70 bicycle racks at all 3 elementary schools and the Lovosice Grammar School, including a shelter
Price: 500,000 crowns

5. Modernization of the children’s traffic playground in Prokop Holého street
Fencing and installation of an educational panel with traffic signs, installation of new play elements and overall attractiveness of the children’s and traffic playground.
Price: 280,000 crowns

6. Climbing tower on Osmička
The creation of a completely new and freely accessible climbing wall in Osmička forest park. The height of the climbing wall can be chosen from 6.25 m – 8.75 m, with an area from 67 m2 to 121 m2.
Price: 1,580,000 crowns

7. Lighting of the Figure Eight
Installation of lighting on the most frequented route (energy-saving lights, automatic lighting)
Price: 1,800,000 crowns

8. Run for dogs
Creation of a free run for dogs with fencing and placement of play elements for dogs
Price: 790,000 crowns

Source: meulovo.cz

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Source: Diary/Jaroslav Balvín

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