Demolition work will begin in Bvala Lzne, the contractor has been selected – by the end of the summer, demolition work will begin in the inner block of Bvala Lzna on Denisov nbe in Pilsen, which the region bought from a private owner


They started demolishing the works in Bvala Liszna, the contractor was selected

Source of visualizations of the revitalized complex: Plzeň region

By the end of the summer, demolition work will begin in the inner block of the former city baths on Denisov nbe in Pilsenwhich Plzeň region bought from a private owner. Thus, the revitalization of the entire complex will begin. Local councilors approved the selection of a contract contractor named Mstsk lzn to demolish the works in two, worth 6 million crowns.

The Plzeň region received the contract for this above-limit public order on August 30 this year, the deadline for the fake offer was set for January 2. We received a total of those offers on the same day, electronically. We are satisfied with the result, as the most suitable we evaluated the site with a price offer of six million crowns, Martin Zho, Deputy Governor of the Plzeň Region for the area of ​​social enterprises, investments and property, commented on the contract and added: The building will be built directly after we sign the contract with the contractor and it acquires activity. Then the contractor has those months for the full contract, i.e. for the demolition in the inner block itself. The construction contractor is TREPART s.r.o

Source of visualizations

I know that the new way of building the library, which we have started, will be positively received by the lay and professional public. We are concerned with a common goal, which is to use historical buildings to their imaginary luster and combine them with modern trends, said the governor of the Plzeň Region Rudolph met. Our aim is to build adequate space for the Zapadoeska Gallery and a multifunctional room for the elderly, in the historical part of the building where the bathhouse was located. They will find their space in the bvalá lzen complex, so organizations dealing with leisure activities for children and young people, the governor added, adding that until November 16 they can in front of the building of the Zapadoeskho museum in Pilsen, on a paneled structure, see the future form of the castle in the designs by Eva Heyworth architects.

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