Bistro No. 66 – a piece of countryside in the heart of Olomouc. It tempts steaks and carp


Olomouc is a city where you go for gourmet experiences. Bistro No. 66 in Šemberova Street, near Dolní náměstí, has recently added to the gourmet map of the Haná metropolis, where Entrée or Long Story Short shine, for example. The establishment is furnished in a French-Italian style and focuses on Aberdeen Angus steaks. Bistro No. 66 is worth a visit during the festive season, because during Christmas the street in front of the bistro turns into a traditional Jesus Alley and visitors can enjoy baked tea, punch or svarák here.

Bistro No. 66 in Šemberova Street in Olomouc.

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A small piece of countryside in the heart of a historic city. The Benýšeks tried to transfer this to Bistro No. 66.

“We’re trying to get our fork-to-fork system here in the bistro. In short, we wanted to bring the beauty of Moravian gastronomy closer to city people,” says entrepreneur Richard Benýšek, who opened the bistro together with his wife Yvona in a picturesque Olomouc street.

Bistro No. 66 in OlomoucSource: Diary/Lukáš Kaboň

Aged meat from the Bělecký mill

The menu relies primarily on products from the Bělecký mill in Prostějovsk. “We take the raw materials from our own sources from the mill, where we concentrate most on beef. But we also raise sheep, game or game there,” explains the owner. Customers can enjoy breakfast here from eight o’clock in the morning, and then lunch or early dinners (closes at 7 p.m.).

New businesses are opening in the center of Olomouc. There are also long queues for goodies

During the week, it offers a lunch menu and a permanent offer of aged meats. But Mr. and Mrs. Benýšek leave the menu mainly to the chef. This is the well-known Olomouc chef and trained butcher Jaroslav Klár, who worked, for example, at the Lobster and Atmosphere restaurants in Olomouc.

“Finding the right person is always a problem. But we sat down with Jarda and, in my opinion, his work is really up to par,” claims Benýšek. He and his wife often have no comments on the composition of meals. “When we feel like something, we tell each other. Otherwise, we leave everything to the chef. He knows what he’s doing,” added Yvona Benýšková.

He opened Asado grill in the center of Olomouc - a unique restaurant with an open fire.

Olomouc as a center of top gastronomy. He opened a new business with fire near the square

The chef of the bistro tries to create the menu from ingredients available from the Bělecký mill. “The environment here refers to home cooking. What we don’t have, we try not to buy, but to make,” explained Jaroslav Klár about the functioning of the kitchen.

Bistro No. 66 in OlomoucBistro No. 66 in OlomoucSource: Diary/Lukáš Kaboň

Jesus Alley

After opening in February, Bistro No. 66 also has its first Advent season ahead of it. In front of the bistro in the street, Jesus’ Alley, which was already visible here during last Christmas, is once again being prepared for this one.

“Just before the first Advent weekend, we will enliven the street with trees from our plantation, and children from nearby schools and nurseries can decorate them. In the bistro, we will serve svařák, punch or baked tea,” revealed Richyrd Benýšek, adding that Christmas will not only be on the street.

“At the Christmas time in the bistro, we want to include the traditional cube or carp in blue or black as part of the menu. It would be a Moravian Christmas with a Moravian menu,” he added.

Trieste Caffé on Dolní náměstí in Olomouc is run by Radim Petr.

Trieste Caffé, a piece of Italian atmosphere in the heart of Olomouc

Šemberova Street attracts attention even outside of Christmas, especially with installations on the roof of the bistro building or next to the entrance. One of them is, for example, an iron sculpture of an intruder, which was created here in 2015 by Jan Dostál from Olomouc.

“We are trying to add culture to the public space gradually. We wish the street would change a lot. A large mural will also be installed here, which could enhance the center of Olomouc,” outlined Richard Benýšek from Bistro No 66.

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