Bottom left: Violet shopping? The advisers assassinated him

Bottom left: Violet shopping? The advisers assassinated him
Bottom left: Violet shopping? The advisers assassinated him

Prime Minister Petr Fiala went among the supermarket shelves in Germany and the Czech Republic and YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED! He discovered what we have all known for a long time – that food abroad is cheaper and in larger packages. Not to mention the quality.

And the Czech Republic is now wondering – who in the Straka Academy thought of this video? Even his advisers and closest members in the ODS did not agree if it was a good idea.

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“The piquant thing is that they published it at the moment when the prime minister flew to Africa – it’s such an African assassination,” says Václav Dolejší, adding: “I was most surprised that the professor embarked on a somewhat clownish genre, which he always despised so much. And also the fact that they are dealing with food prices, while now everyone is more afraid of electricity prices.”

The thematically similar video was filmed four years ago by then Prime Minister Andrej Babiš. But it was much better processed, and while Babiš was joking with the saleswoman in it, Fiala just stands patiently with the cart in the parking lot.

“When we say that government parties should learn from Babiš’s marketing, we mean good surveys and experts. Not to take the biggest stupidity and make it the same – or rather worse,” adds Lucie Stuchlíková.

But the biggest weakness of both videos is that the premiers do not come up with any solution. Babiš promised how he would deal with manufacturers and sellers – and nothing happened. Fiala promises to deal with manufacturers and sellers – and nothing happens either. Political impotence in practice.

Is nutella right wing and conservative? Who are the Pirates recalling this time? And does the ghost of Miroslav Kalouska or Dominik Feri haunt TOP 09 more? Find out all about it in the new episode of Bottom Left, which you can play in the player in the introduction!

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