The Czech Republic reports a significant increase in flu cases. The hospital is canceling visits


In the Czech Republic, the number of patients with flu has increased significantly in the last week. Some hospitals are canceling visits because of this. But doctor Cyril Mucha points out that the flu season is just beginning. Moreover, we are slowly approaching the limit of the epidemic.

In the Czech Republic, the number of patients with influenza is increasing significantly. Over the last week, doctors have registered an increase of almost seven percent. She noted acute respiratory infections 1,161 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Growth of influenza diseases | Source: Hygienic Service of the Czech Republic /

​Due to a significant increase in respiratory diseases, some hospitals are already banning visitors. For example, Olomouc University Hospital has banned visits to the lung disease and tuberculosis clinic, and in the Slaný Hospital, the ban applies to the surgical, orthopedic and internal departments.

But according to doctor Cyril Mucha, this is only the beginning. Despite the massive increase, the flu season is still in its infancy, and no one knows exactly what it will bring. “The classic flu epidemic is around Christmas and New Years. It’s usually after the kids come back from Christmas vacation. But it can move forward and backward,” he says.

According to Mucha, several factors are responsible for the increase in patients with upper respiratory tract diseases. “It happens when it gets cold. The mucous membranes are no longer as well supplied with blood, and therefore the mucosal immunity does not work as well,” he states.

“When it rains and it’s cold, people gather in warmer rooms. They don’t wait for the bus scattered, but they all crowd into one booth. And if one sneezes there, it infects everyone else,” he points out.

According to Mucha, the best way to protect yourself against infection is vaccination. “The earlier a person gets vaccinated, especially when he is not yet sick, the higher his chance of having immunity ready,” he explains.

But there are also other ways to protect against flu diseases. “Don’t gather in rooms where someone is coughing. Eat vitamins, but mainly natural ones like apples and pears. Tablets are more of a supplement. I always recommend not to be overly afraid of it. As soon as a person is frightened and afraid, the immunity goes down and it is easier to get infected, ” he points out.

In addition, covid can still be in the game. “Let’s realize that covid is still new to us, we don’t know how to work with it. We have experienced it for two years, but those were atypical situations when people didn’t gather and walked around with masks. So, in the real mode, flu – covid we haven’t experienced it yet,” he concludes.

The end of children’s fear of vaccinations. Doctors will also give them the flu vaccine without an injection:

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