Gas resources in the Czech Republic: as of November 6, the storage capacity reached 99% and it was close to full capacity


The state of gas resources in R opt gradually increased, it follows from the data of gas resources only for the needs of R and the storage capacity was fully filled.

Gas supplies in the Czech Republic rose by 0.08 percentage points in the last week. It is caused by a firm filling. As of 11/6, the rooms were 99.81% full, or in 37857.3 GWh of gas. From the statistics regarding the amount of gas prepared for consumption in the Czech Republic, it appears that with an average year of consumption, the current amount would last for 150 days.

If winter consumption is taken into account, then 85 days. If the resources were to be used in the winter period only for households, they would last for 332 days. In recent days, the full capacity has been above 16.6 GWh. According to the latest data, consumption reached 1.1 GWh/day, and the state of the cells is slowly and surely nearing full capacity.

The price of gas in the TTF virtual node now reaches EUR 45.175 per MWh for December and EUR 46.95 for the first quarter of the fifth year.

RWEGas Storage has the largest storage capacity with a volume of 28,870 GWh. Their occupancy is now around 99.75% as of November 6. The collections last reached their full capacity in mid-November 2022, since then there has been a steady decline.

Soby gas in esk so it as of 6.11. they reached 99.81% of the collection.

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EPS requested by RWEGas Storage CZ, see here

EPS bought the gas pipeline operator in RNET4GAS k peten here

Gas price calculator 2023 here

Graph 1: natural gas prices per 1 MWh k 7.11/2023 PXE

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Chart 2: natural gas prices per 1MWh as of 7.11. 2023 USA

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