Drunk, she stabbed an acquaintance eighteen times. Nine years is too much, the court decided and reduced her sentence


“We did not agree with the sentence. He was unreasonably strict with a so far unpunished offender,” explained Petr Smrž, the chairman of the appeals panel of the Prague High Court, explaining the mitigation of the sentence.

A 61-year-old man lost his life last October in an apartment in the Polabiny housing estate in Pardubice. Rosenberg, who used to live in the apartment, came there to get her things. She had already been drinking alcohol in restaurants and continued drinking with the owner of the apartment. The 40-year-old woman claims that the man was in love with her and had often tried to touch her before. This time, she said, it happened again and the man refused to let her out.

According to the verdict, Rosenberg repeatedly stabbed the man in the chest and hands. After he died, she inflicted more wounds on his stomach and legs. At the time, in addition to alcohol, she was taking a combination of various hypnotics and antidepressants, which she knew did not mix and how they affected her behavior. The experts came to the conclusion that the woman was morbidly addicted to alcohol and showed signs of addiction to benzodiazepines. Her control abilities were completely gone at the time of the crime, her recognition abilities significantly reduced.

He prevented her from leaving the apartment, he died after 18 stab wounds. The court sentenced the woman to nine years in prison

The woman initially told officers she remembered one stabbing. She allegedly found out that her friend was dead only when she woke up and found him covered in blood under the blanket. She later began to suggest that someone else might have killed the man. But according to the judges, her guilt was proven.

The woman’s lawyer pointed out today, among other things, that Rosenberg has been addicted since she was 17 and that her initial statement was strongly influenced by withdrawal symptoms. The defendant herself then demanded a new opinion from an addictologist and complained that her previous partners had abused her.

The questioning of witnesses revealed earlier that the woman also attacked two of her past partners with a knife. They did not report the attacks. “Previous knife attacks prove something. She had no inhibitions in this direction when she was under the influence of alcohol, which was a state in which she was essentially permanently,” concluded Smrž.

The criminal act of drunkenness is committed by a person who, by ingesting or applying an addictive substance, brings himself – even through negligence – to an insane state and commits a criminal act in that state. A maximum of ten years in prison can be imposed for drunkenness. Rosenberg would have faced ten to 18 years in prison for murder.

According to the indictment, she stabbed the man 18 times and almost collapsed in court

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