Kid Kapichi are preparing a new album and a return to Prague


The power-punk quartet from Hastings, England, has prepared a new album and tour for their fans next year. The list of planned cities also includes Prague, specifically Futurum Music Bar, where Kid Kapichi will kick things off on April 27. After a year, it will be possible to experience how the club is shaking in its foundations again. It was a blast last time, with the new record it’s sure to be even bigger, so don’t miss it. Tickets will be on sale for CZK 440 + fees from Friday, November 10, 11:00 a.m. on the Futura website and Alternative rock-punk band Kid Kapichi hit the scene in 2014 and have been unstoppable ever since. These guys don’t do anything half throttle, quite the opposite. They give maximum energy to everything, their concert last year in Prague’s Futur was a great example of the fact that music that encourages activism still has its place in the world. Kid Kapichi want to highlight problems in society and are not indifferent to what is happening. And it’s good. Who else but modern punks should be heard. In the coming year, Kid Kapichi will be heard on tour for the new album. It will be called “There Goes The Neighborhood”, it will have a total of eleven tracks and will see the light of day on March 15. That way, fans will have enough time to listen to the album before the April concert. The first single called “Tamagotchi” is already out, which is intended for those who are slowly but surely catching up with adulthood. And not the young and brilliant eighteen-year-old. But the serious one, thirty years old. It’s actually a memory of the nineties.

“‘Tamagotchi’ is a song about turning thirty and feeling like life is slipping away for the first time in your life.” says Kid Kapichi frontman Jack Wilson. “The older I get, the more nostalgic I get, the more I reflect on the past and the good old days. With this song, we pay tribute to those times and also to the memories we stubbornly hold on to.”

Through the frontman, the band adds to its third studio album: “We know it’s a cliché, but it’s really our best work. We put everything into this record, we made a conscious decision not to deviate too much from the previous album, because we felt that there was a possibility of themes and everything, what’s on that record, work it out and perfect it.”

“Lyrically and musically, the new album is more concise, meaningful and thoughtful, but together it works well together and feels like a collection of songs from one family,” adds Jack Wilson. Come see for yourself.

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