He should not be forced to succumb to his crimes, the court argued in favor of Rusa

He should not be forced to succumb to his crimes, the court argued in favor of Rusa
He should not be forced to succumb to his crimes, the court argued in favor of Rusa

The server Aktuln.cz reported on Wednesday about the verdict, according to which the police must deal with it again.

Twenty-two-year-old Nikita Niaga had to leave the Czech Republic in a hole this year, but according to the server, he can’t move. Because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, don’t give up on Russia anymore.

According to Aktuln.cz, Niagu traveled to the Czech Republic in 2019, when he received a residence permit for the duration of his studies. Before his expulsion, he applied for a new permit, but the authorities did not grant him this with final validity last May. The foreigner police then decided that he had to leave R.

He grappled with the fact that his disagreement with the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin, in addition, in Russia, he was in danger of being conscripted into the army. According to the court, the police made a mistake when they did not take into account the fact that the man’s life could be in danger after the trip. It was not appropriate to reject the assessment of the threat of danger to the plaintiff in the event of a trip to the Russian Federation in connection with the planned mobilization and his opposing position, the server quotes from the judgment of the municipal court.

According to the website, the police argued that Niagu did not have to go to Russia, but to go to other EU countries. But the court rejected this, according to him, the police had an obligation to ensure that he would be safe after leaving R.

The server added that when Niagu filed a complaint with the police, he gave a temporary ruling so that he would not have to travel from R until the dispute was resolved. The court did not agree with him. Now he is in Russia, where his mother is. I consider it a great injustice and a loophole in the first line. There is no demand for a temporary suspension, so it is only up to the court to see if it is recognized, Zdenk Smrek, Niag’s lawyer, told the Niag server.

Zuzana Pavelkov, head of the Refugee Aid Organization, told Aktuln.cz that Russians who disagree with the fact that they should serve in the army could apply for asylum in Russia. According to him, the Supreme Court recently decided in a similar spirit. The Russian Federation has committed crimes against Ukraine. Rut oban should not be forced to rely on them for this, said Pavelkov.

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