One of the pair of murdering brothers is free, he behaved exemplary in prison


One of the pair of murdering Hrdličk brothers from Tymákov, whose extraordinary rampage was also the subject of one of the lectures in the series Pilsen crimes, was released. It concerns Jaroslav, who was sentenced to 14.5 years in prison for murdering a lover.

Jaroslav Hrdlička at the Regional Court in Pilsen.

| Photo: Deník archive

He was released after serving two-thirds of his sentence, which was confirmed to Deník by René Braun, the spokesperson of the Šumper district court. Hrdlička’s brother Vojtěchwho killed his father and stepmother with an ax, remains behind bars, according to Deník’s information.

The fact that two siblings are murdered shortly after each other is exceptional, which is why the case of the murdering brothers caught my attention. “Both cases are similar in the manner and brutality of the attacks. Insidiously, unexpectedly, without a chance to defend the victims,” ​​he told Deník earlier Radovan Macákwho, as a police officer, was involved in the investigation of more than a hundred murders in West Bohemia.

Jaroslav committed murder in September 2013. He took the life of his love interest, the 25-year-old boyfriend of his step-sister, whom he himself had a crush on, even though he had a wife and a child. The two men went together to collect scrap metal and had an argument near Mešno in Rokycansk. Jaroslav V inflicted eight blows on his rival with a carpenter’s hammer, then stabbed the already lying man twice with a hunting knife. He severed his carotid artery, the young man bled to death. The killer took the body a few kilometers further to Kornatice and dumped it in the forest, where it was found by a mushroom picker a day later. When the police came for Jaroslav, he did not deny it. “He confessed to his colleagues while still in the car,” confirmed Macák.

Dad shot his mom right in front of him. I will never forgive him, said the boy at the grave

The regional court in Pilsen sent Jaroslav Hrdlička to prison for 14.5 years. According to the president of the senate, he was aggravated by the brutality of the attack and also by the fact that he “took the life of a young person for a completely trivial reason”. His impunity was also relieved by the fact that he confessed and expressed sincere remorse. “That shows some self-reflection,” the judge said.

Jaroslav Hrdlička served his sentence in Mírov and behaved so well there that he was released in October. “I can confirm that the convict has been paroled after serving two-thirds of his prison sentence, to which he is legally entitled. Already before that, in October 2017, he was transferred from a prison with increased security to a prison with security,” a spokesman for the Šumper court told Deník. He added that Hrdlička had a very positive evaluation from the Mírov prison director. “He has shown improvement in his behavior, especially in the performance of his duties. He has been disciplined several times, and the conclusions of the expert opinion do not rule out that the convict will lead an orderly life in the future,” Braun quoted.

A genius detective? No, the murders are investigated by a team, the elite police officers from Pilsen agree

Hrdlička was conditionally released on probation for seven years and must be under the supervision of a probation officer the entire time. If he did anything in the next seven years, he would be back behind bars.

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