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08/11/2023 10:33

Winter is knocking at the door. The leadership of the Pilsen Central District therefore set out to personally check the readiness of the winter equipment.

“Every year before the arrival of winter and following the Winter Maintenance Operational Plan, we carry out an inspection and verification of the suitability of equipment ready for intervention during winter maintenance. The plan mandates the installation and testing of snow removal and spreading mechanisms for which cleaning companies are responsible.” said David Procházka, mayor of Trojka.

The operational plan for winter maintenance sets out the scope of intervention on individual roads and also the time limits according to the order of importance in the given localities, divided into sections based on the Contracts for work with individual companies.

District representatives gradually visit each contracted cleaning company, where all equipment is started and its functionality is checked, including additional equipment.

“Inspections in which I personally participate have not revealed any deficiencies so far, and I am glad that the cleaning companies are ready for winter with their equipment. And that includes the sprinkling material that the district had added to the warehouse in Boettingerova Street,” added David Procházka.

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