CREDITAS: Half of them do not even manage 2000 crowns. Those who speak, probably speak inappropriately

Two thousand crowns ago, a branch line in the Czech company leads here. Song half of the people smo meat things, half of the people. It is alarming that every Czech or Moravian has to put aside the biggest hypocrisy. Those who speak honestly, often do not explain their disputes correctly and thus prepare themselves for income. Find out from CREDITAS Bank’s exclusive survey.

Even if it seems that they are still a united people, the total disputes of half of them do not cross the threshold of one hundred thousand crowns, this is true even in groups of people of advanced age. In that, half of the people in our survey admitted that their disputes would not cover even a dark drop in income, to Ivana Pckov, member of the Board of Directors of CREDITAS Bank. In vt me it’s women. Tetina ech has disputes from 100 thousand to half a million. Another tenth of me has between half a million and a million, and each tenth has disputes over a million crowns.

Graph: how many people sleep per month

From the point of view of the most uncertain duties, most of them (97%) have some kind of reserve, almost two-thirds (62%) of them have a pension. Only about one in five (22%) tries to buy their own home, although it is mostly young people. When asked if their relationship is sufficient to achieve the main goals, the answer of 63% of people is negative.

Graph: how many disputes do people have

Seven times out of ten, don’t prolong disputes

Research has shown that they do not break down disputes correctly. Seven out of ten people have disputes in cash or on credit. On the contrary, the leverage tool for long-term contracts, such as funds, is only around 29%. Investing regularly in conservative sectors even after small losses is one of the best for this dovv Ivana Pckov. A million deposited in real estate will yield nothing in a year, while the same amount deposited in a mortgage will yield around 50,000 crowns at daily average annual rates.

The most popular means of saving are cash (used by 71% of people) and savings accounts (69%). They follow subsidized products such as pension savings (64%, average savings of 1,000 crowns per month) and construction savings (39%, average savings of 2,000 crowns per month) and investment funds (29%, average savings of 1,000 crowns per month).

According to the survey, women can’t remember men. The residents of Prague have the most disputes, but in the capital, according to those who do not succeed, it is exactly the highest for every ten Praguers. The most connected age group, both in terms of muscle mass and the volume of spores, are people between 45 and 53 years old.


The data was obtained by means of the IPSOS Instant Research tool on a representative sample of R residents aged 1865 years.

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