A Christmas exhibition of handmade glass ornaments can be seen in Vizovice


For example, the Christmas trees in the gallery have ornaments that appear to have two layers of paint. “But it’s only one color, so-called porcelain. It has a high gloss and looks like a paint with a layer of varnish. The flasks are, for example, red and decorated with dots that create lines,” explains the author of the exhibition, Iva Mynářová.

There are also decorations that give the appearance of sprinkles. “But when you stroke them, they’re smooth, it’s spray-on technology. It is a color that is specially mixed,” adds Mynářová.

There are also ornaments decorated with ballotina, which are small glass balls that reflect light, or ornaments with so-called tear-off lacquer.

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Christmas trees in the gallery have a long tradition. The ornaments are made to order by a Czech manufacturer from Eastern Bohemia and are therefore always glass handmade ornaments.

Photo: Dalibor Glück, CTK

Exhibition of Christmas decorations in Vizovice

65 new designs are on display this year

In earlier years, the gallery featured ornaments in line with annual trends. “In recent years, we have experienced that the interest in trends is not that great, the Czech customer wants a traditional Christmas,” Mynářová explains.

Photo: Dalibor Glück, CTK

Christmas decorations are made using different technologies

Nevertheless, current trends are also represented this year. It is an earthy purple color. “We chose it for one magical ornament, with grass decor with silver and platinum sprinkles. A richer powder color is derived from it. Another tree is decorated with greenish and pink powder paint. These colors are trendy this year,” points out Mynářová.

Photo: Dalibor Glück, CTK

Christmas trees in the gallery have a long tradition

Of particular interest are decors with the motif of a peacock’s eye or peacock figurines, luxurious decorations derived from art nouveau decors, and decorations with a stylized hand-painted star. Traditionally, there are ornaments in the blue print, lace or gingerbread decor. A tree with decorations from the family archives is also on display, some decorations were also brought to the gallery by visitors.

Photo: Dalibor Glück, CTK

The castle gallery presents traditional Christmas tree decorations as well as some of this year’s trends

“Glass degrades over time and is very fragile, temperature and humidity fluctuations bother it. That’s why we don’t even dismantle the tree, we just carefully wrap it and store it, and then put it up every year,” adds Mynářová.

The sales exhibition will last until December 23.

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