From the corporate to the gift shop. Chomutovanka creates original packages upon request


The small shop is located in a “horseshoe” near the Chomutovka shopping center. Although the entrepreneur and her partner started it only half a year ago, it overflows with goods and types of gift baskets. Celebrants can find sets of beers, chocolates in the shape of tools for fishermen or do-it-yourselfers, and there is also room for honest sausages and meat delicacies in their own juice from a Czech producer. The packages can also contain Czech, British and German-made cosmetics and, for example, fragile roses made of soap.

“Everyone has everything these days, so people tend to decide that they would like to make a gift happy and interesting,” said Michala. “That’s why we try to have something for everyone – for women, men, children and grandparents. For example, when a woman comes and says her husband is a golfer, she wants to find a wow gift for him,” she added.

Michala Pechmanová
38 years old, has a university degree in chemistry. He lives in Zelená, which belongs to Málkovo in Chomutovska. She likes to create, work in the garden and read. She has two children.

People find luxurious coffee and teas packaged as chocolate pralines or colorful teapots. Also various types of alcohol and children’s birthday balloons in various shapes and with reminders of the fairy tales Ice Kingdom, Paw Patrol or Masha and the Bear.

According to the entrepreneur’s experience, great interest is aroused in the retro section, where you can find a chocolate Walkman or Karel Gott gramophone records.

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She opened Dárkysimo with her husband after they both retired from a corporate environment in the chemical industry. They were driven by the desire to make a living, at least in part, in a creative way.

“We didn’t enjoy it in the corporation anymore, the superiors had meaningless demands. They claimed things we knew couldn’t be done a certain way, but they persisted. So we said enough is enough, we’ll try to get back on our feet,” outlined the young woman.

First, the couple launched an e-shop, where they offered custom-made gift baskets and the sought-after magic box that opens with a crowbar. It is a wooden printed box, filled with whatever the birthday boy likes. After that, customers started asking if there would be a brick-and-mortar store, which eventually happened.

“We try to differentiate ourselves from what others offer. We want our gift baskets and packages to be really nice and with unusual things that can’t be found in supermarkets. This is our vision,” the entrepreneur mentioned. “We tailor-make them for individuals, but also for companies,” she emphasized.

Half a year after the opening of Dárkysim, the sales premises were expanded in order to be able to fill them with as many different things as possible. A special section for Christmas is expected. “We will offer Christmas suitcases, which will contain, for example, wine, tea, a mug and French fries,” promised Michala.

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Changes are planned for next year as well. He is going to not only create gift baskets and packages, but also carve. Because people often ask for gifts with the appropriate number for their jubilees, so he takes them from cabinetmakers incorporated, for example, into miniature rocking chairs made of plywood. The same material is also used for beer sets from craft breweries.

“We will carve and engrave them. We could start it already in January,” the entrepreneur plans.

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Source: Diary/Miroslava Šebestová

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