Prague parking lot management. Zero portability is also allowed for electric cars

Prague parking lot management. Zero portability is also allowed for electric cars
Prague parking lot management. Zero portability is also allowed for electric cars

The debate with the city councils took place, and now that the debate is outside the mayor’s coalition, we have clearly written in the coalition program that we want to reform the parking system with the aim of calming the center, said Zdenk Hib. According to him, a concrete agreement on the form of changes in the coalition has not yet been reached.

The magistrate discussed the changes with the city councils, which decide whether and where on their land they will have signs. He collected suggestions from the town halls, with which he will now work accordingly. As part of the reform, we want to give them more authority, because it is really dark for the local political representation, he added.

The city is now working with several proposed changes. One of them is the demolition of portable parking permits. They are quite offensive and for speculation, one could say, and someone who is neither the town hall nor the mayor will carve out a parking lot in the public space, said Hib.

The parking conditions for electric cars in Znach will be adjusted. Electric cars will now be parked in places next to charging stations, and their advantage, which allows people to park for free, should be abolished. The proposal to cancel this convenience was passed in 2020, and the free parking electric car in parking lots will end at the end of the summer year.

A novelty will be the introduction of season tickets with purple stamps for the whole city. For one fee, passengers could then park in any purple space in the city. It was assumed that it would be phased out, when electric cars would be cheaper for you, he said.

There will also be the possibility of parking for new residents. According to Hib, the city is trying to unify nightly tariffs, or it is different in every city, what about parking on weekends.

It is not yet clear when the final draft of the changes will be ready. Once approved, according to Hib, it will leave you roughly a plron of time to install them.

The signs were first established in the capital city in their modern form in 1996 in the Prague 1 district, where the effort to regulate traffic appeared in 1982. They then branched out and operate in Prague 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 16 and 22. The mayor will collect around half a billion crowns a year on the parking lot.

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