The crisis and the rising cost of living increase social risks. Of the emerging markets, the best is the Czech Republic


Social risks have deepened in the past two years. Find it out from the Social Resistance Index, which is compiled by Allianz Trade. The country with the lowest level of social risk is Denmark, followed by Finland and Austria. Czech Republic is the only country in Central and Eastern Europe among the top 200 countries in Europe.

The differences in social resilience between developed and developing economies have deepened since 2021. According to Allianz Trade analysts, the reasons were mainly the energy crisis, but also various reasons for the slight increase in the cost of living.

The region of Central and Eastern Europe turned out to be a surprise for analysts, to which some Central Asian countries also contributed. Here sociIn the last two years, the ln risk remained practically at the same level, i.ees relative blwolf’s bite to Ukraine. A decrease in social resilience was recorded in 9 out of 11 countries in the region, with the highest rate recorded in the Baltic States and Slovakia. The Czech Republic also gained one place in the European Championship. Even the dog is the only descendent of Central and Eastern Europe among the 20 countries with the highest values ​​of the social resistance index.

ClThe main factors for the decline in the past two years were the sharply rising import prices of food and energy, the decline in the labor force, and moderate or declining real growthGDP per capita. Some countries in particular, Poland and Romania, have stuck together quite a bit, thanks to the stability of their native currencies and the euro, falling loans inequalities and vtm publicm sociI will get married.

The Allianz Trade social resilience index takes into account a total of 12 indicators that are easily accessible for the rest of the country. Among other things, it is about political stability, the trend of GDP growth per capita, public spending on education, healthcare and social protection or according to the labor force per population. You can find the results of the first hundred places in the table on the next page.


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