People put an excavator in their way, protesting against the demolition of Schieszl’s villa

People put an excavator in their way, protesting against the demolition of Schieszl’s villa
People put an excavator in their way, protesting against the demolition of Schieszl’s villa

According to Denk N, the owner of the villa should be the company Tich 5, whose manager is the developer Martin Kulk. Several Cypriot companies stand behind the company.

An opaque owner from Cyprus wants to build a four-square-foot five-story house on the site of a historic villa with a garden in the monument and to stop the surrounding green, according to a petition that fights for the preservation of the building. It is currently signed by more than 2,500 people.

The villa, however, is being demolished by the construction company’s employees. According to the locals, it is unjustified and punished by the way that they started the work in the back part of the house, which cannot be seen from the street.

When viewed from Tich Street, it is still evident that the process has begun. There are also mistakes on the top of the roof, there is old wood on it and construction waste on the garden. Among other things, she was drunk on the spot by an excavator who started demolishing the garage, which is next to the house.

Several residents of the street tried to stop the excavator. They only succeeded in doing so, because later he got back to work. Many residents were dismayed by this fact. The excavator was still on the street, where, according to the locals, he had nothing to do. According to them, there was no choir for revenge.

The city and state police also arrived in the city to deal with the situation. Then the construction machine started again.

Residents do not stand for a new building

All of a sudden, he was drinking a digger and within ten minutes he broke a beautiful gar with an art nouveau arch. And he started to do it here without a choir, without any protection letter, Vt Makarius, a resident of the street, described the incident on the day.

The company began to act so that there was nothing to protect. An excavator just drove in here and started demolishing it, described Martin Kroupa, who was fascinated by the villa and its history. We hope to find time so that the patin organ can make a decision, he added, as he sat with other people in front of the villa today.

We found out at the last moment, said a resident of the street who is fighting for the preservation of the historic villa and wished to remain anonymous. So we are trying to come out of disagreement by many legal means, she said and changed while running the petition. According to n, the petitioners were also supported by the municipal st.

Our aim is to protect the character of local neighborhoods and to appeal to the written form of development permits. This is not the first controversial project in the Hebenek location. Playing the role of active defenders, they managed to save Bene’s villa, which was threatened with demolition, said the mayor of Prague 5, Radka imkov (PRAHA 5 SOB), who filed the investor’s request to stop the work. She just changed the villa, which was supposed to be demolished in 2021, but its demolition was prevented.

Let’s be aware that this could be a precedent for the future, said the resident out of concern. According to him, an investor could decide to develop one of the surrounding buildings. According to the interviewed residents, the new construction would disturb the row of villas in the neighborhood and the historical monuments.

The planned building should be a four-square-meter, five-story building that will fill the entire plot with it. Only a fraction of the pileh garden would be left.

Schieszl’s villa was built in 1912 on a different slope of the Petna in the midst of newly emerging buildings. She is closely related to the Slovak politician Josef Schieszl, who was one of the closest collaborators of President TG Masaryk and Edvard Bene. Thanks to these buildings, a unique urban-architectural complex with the character of a garden city was created.

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