Unemployment in the Olomouc Region stagnated at 3.4 percent in October

Unemployment in the Olomouc Region stagnated at 3.4 percent in October
Unemployment in the Olomouc Region stagnated at 3.4 percent in October

Unemployment rose by a tenth of a percentage point in Jesenice, while it fell by the same proportion in Olomouc, Přerovsk and Šumpers. In Prostějovsk, the share remained the same as in September. This follows from the data published today by the Labor Office of the Czech Republic. Unemployment in the region has been falling since March, stagnated at 3.2 percent in June, and rose to 3.3 percent in July. It then stagnated in August and rose to 3.4 percent in September.

According to Olomouc labor office analyst Jaroslav Mikšaník, employers based in the Olomouc region did not report any intention of mass layoffs during October. According to him, the number of job seekers was eight lower than at the end of the previous month, but compared to the same period last year, it is higher by 598 people, Mikšaník said. Of this number, there were 13,296 available job seekers between the ages of 15 and 64. It was 17 less than at the end of the previous month. Compared to the same period last year, their number was higher by 687,” added the analyst.

The highest unemployment in Jesenice

The highest unemployment in the region is still in Jesenice, where the share of unemployed increased to 4.3 percent in October. The second highest unemployment rate is in the Přerovsk Region, at four percent. It is followed by Šumpersko with 3.6 percent. In Olomouc, 3.2 percent of people were out of work in October, and in Prostějovsk, 2.4 percent remain unemployed. The Olomouc Region recorded a total of 8,102 job vacancies as of October 31. Their number was 23 more than in the previous month and 727 less than in the same month last year. There were an average of 1.8 applicants for one vacant job, the most in the Jeseník district (4.4), the least in the Prostějov district (1.4), Mikšaník added.

The total number of people registered with employment offices also includes unemployed people who cannot start work immediately. These are, for example, people on retraining courses, unemployed women on maternity leave, prisoners or the unemployed on disability. There were 13,296 so-called attainable job seekers aged 15 to 64 who could immediately start work in the Olomouc Region in October, and 13,313 at the end of September.

Unemployment in the whole of the Czech Republic fell to 3.5 percent compared to last month.

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