St. Martin’s Day celebrations are also being prepared in the Tachovsk region this year. St. will also come. Martin


Monika Šavlova

Tachovský deník reporter

St. Martin will traditionally visit many villages and towns in the Tachovsk Region on Saturday, November 11. People are looking forward to his visit this year as well, and various celebrations and events are planned for this day, feasting, tasting of St. Martin’s wines, but also errands with lanterns, small lamps or baking burritos.

St. Martin’s Day in Kladruby.

| Photo: Deník/Monika Šavlová

In Tachov, St. Martin on horseback will be waiting at 5:30 p.m. in the square in front of the info center. People can walk with it in the light of their brought lanterns from the fountain, past the River restaurant and on to the park. They can then accompany him on the St. Martin’s ride back to the castle courtyard. Here, especially for the smallest participants, a small surprise will be prepared, which each child will receive personally from St. Martin. There will be a short children’s program including popular face painting and a creative autumn workshop. In cold weather, young and old alike can get the blood flowing together at a small disco, hosted by the castellan of the Tachov castle, Pavel Voltr. “If you don’t have a lantern, you can buy one at the information center on the square, it’s open on weekdays until 4 p.m.,” say the organizers from among the employees of MKS Tachov. A stand near the castle, which offers hot drinks and other refreshments for purchase, will certainly contribute to greater well-being. The Tachov organization Hospice Západ and the U Šmudliny Tachov dog shelter will also be presenting in the castle courtyard.

The Kuri bakery in Stříbra offers its own pastries. You will love sourdough bread

Saint Martin’s Day they also prepare in Kladruby every year. Those interested in an unusual evening walk can come to the area near the family houses on the hill above the soccer field at 5 p.m. From there they set out on their journey to Saint Martin. “We can reveal that the smallest children will go straight to St. Martin following the lights that will line the path, while the older children will have an encryption game prepared for them by the Kladrub monks,” Petra Čechurová, one of the main organizers, revealed to Deník. She also recommends bringing and lighting your way with your lantern, dressing warmly and packing burritos or sausages, which can be roasted at the end of the journey.

Illustration photo.

Saint Martin’s geese and other goodies will smell of Domažlicka and Tachovské

An unusual experience awaits the participants of the St. Martin’s Lantern Parade in Prostibor. Here, the event will start at 3 p.m. in the premises of the municipal office, where those interested will have the opportunity to make their own lantern for the occasion. The procession will then depart from the office across the entire trailer at 5 p.m. and will reach the pond behind the church, to the recently created community garden. “On the route, stations with tasks will be prepared for the children, a sweet reward awaits them at the finish line, and there will also be hot tea and a welding machine for all participants,” says the mayor of the village, Barbora Nováková. Although the village is small, it is not excluded that Martin will arrive on a white horse. Also in Prostiboř, the organizers plan to end the event with a small fire, on which people can roast the burritos they brought.

And they will celebrate Martina’s holiday a day earlier on November 10 in Přímda. At 5:00 p.m., a lantern procession will depart from Jindřich Kolowrat Square to Přimda Castle, where a sweet reward will be waiting for every little visitor. (seam)


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