From Prague to the Baltic in one trip. The train will reach cli u through Poland in 9 hours

From Prague to the Baltic in one trip. The train will reach cli u through Poland in 9 hours
From Prague to the Baltic in one trip. The train will reach cli u through Poland in 9 hours

Now the only way to go from Esk to Poland is via the Sobieski train, which departs from Vienna and only stops in Ostrava in Esk. People from Czech Republic first have to go, for example, to Bohumno, transfer there and continue for a long time, the journey will take them 12 or more hours. The trip will cost 800 and 900 crowns.

This connection will remain, but from December 2024 it will be joined by line Ex 32, leaving four times a day from the Prague main tunnel.

Cross the border of pekon in Lichkov in the Orlicky Mountains. Stop in Koln, Pardubice, st nad Orlic, Letohrad, Jablonn nad Orlic and in Lichkov. Dl will go to Poland Wrocław, Poznan, Bydhot and the route will end in Trojmst Sopoty, Gdańsk, Gdynia. This route takes a total of nine hours. The prices of the driving jet are not known, but they should be around 600 K.

Lep connected, this does not exist today. It will be convenient for people from the western and eastern parts of the republic and Prague, who will not have to travel there because of the transfer to Bohumna, which will speed up the journey, said Petr Hlavsk, MF DNES spoke of Czech railways.

Such a connection was missing here for a long time. I am convinced that this Czech-Polish cooperation has supported mutual tourism and given economic relations, praised the Minister of Transport Martin Kupka (ODS).

Czech railways will cooperate with the Polish state carrier PKP Intercity on the operation. In practice, this means that only the train staff is changed at the border. Neither the wagons nor the locomotive should be tampered with. Czech railways are now considering deploying their state-of-the-art Siemens Vectron locomotives, fifty of which will run on the railway for five years, on the daily line from Prague to the Baltic.

Today, railways use them as a rule on interstate lines, where their potential is used by driving at speeds of up to 230 kilometers per hour. Thanks to this, for example, the journey to Wroclaw in Poland will become competitive for a car. The journey by train here from Prague can take three hours, just like by car.

The trains will be air-conditioned, equipped with wi-fi and electrical outlets for recharging laptops and mobile phones. In the first year, you will be covered with a salary, the year after that you can also go to the restaurant.

Greedy price

Poland, and especially its Pmosk region, has become very popular among Czech vacationers. At Baltskha, however, you may experience a slight decrease, especially due to low prices and good availability. Czech railways have been responding to this for several years, which always send two pm trains of the Pirat and Wydmy lines from Bohumna to the Polish resorts of Leba, Kolobeh, Hel and Sopot in the summer months. The bus operator FlixBus also sent a few pmch lines to Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia.

According to estimates, 230 thousand people went to Poland last year, which is a third more than in 2019 before the covid pandemic. Poles have also become popular with Czech Republic as a place for their holidays. In 2022, 600,000 of them visited Czech Republic, making them the second most populous nation after Germans and Slovaks to spend their holidays in Czech Republic.

The growing popularity of the Baltic Sea is also felt by the Poles themselves. Agata Grzegorczykov, the spokeswoman for the town hall in Gdynia, confirmed that according to the opinion on the use of the municipal information center, it can be seen that I am going to Poland more and more.

Before the pandemic, there were several people a week, and last season they visited our information center every day. The change is noticeable, she told the Dziennik Batycki newspaper. In the fifth tourist season, I want to distribute the English language squadron here with information about the city.

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