Prague: New public transport navigation system, how do you like it?


From November 1, the people of Prague can see the new graphic form of the metro line diagrams above the doors in 3 sets on each metro line, as well as simplified diagrams of Prague with the drawing of public transport backbone routes next to the doors, as well as the new form of information on the contractual conditions of PID transport. In these test kits, the new graphics will always be on one side of the car and the same information will remain on the other side in the original graphics for comparison. The new look of the schemes is based on the basic graphic concept of Readable Prague, which is installed in half of the Palmovka metro station and also in the newly renovated Jiřího z Poděbrady station.

The white signs are black

The difference is clear at first glance. While the old schemes were on a white background, the new ones are black. As for the long diagram, i.e. the so-called dachshund, which we are used to seeing above the door to the set, it is newly arranged so that it is the basic orientation element of Prague Wenceslas Square located right in the middle of the scheme in a horizontal position. The new scheme also differs in the way barrier-free stations are designated. In the simplified scheme of public transport backbone lines on the walls next to the door, a detail of the center was added, highlighting the main landmarks and the city greenery.

To iron out all the “flies”, everything will now be tested. “A user survey will now take place directly in the metro. Based on his results, he then processes the final version of the graphic form. The goal is for us to unify all navigation and information elements into a unified style,” explains Deputy Mayor for Transport Zdeněk Hřib (Piráti).

The first reactions are already appearing on social networks. The worse readability bothers them the most, and the people of Prague also criticize the fact that something is being changed that “has been working without problems for decades.”It’s quite nice. It just seems like an example of something that doesn’t need to be changed, when it works,” thinks one of the discussants. “Apparently, the graphic designer did not compensate for the optical illusion of white font on a black background, so the font looks small and unnecessarily illegible. Emotionally, it feels crammed in the middle, stretched at the edges,” adds another opinion.

Holograms in tubes?

Another novelty has appeared in the metro, and passengers are arguing about what it actually is. Holograms, or rather light effects, have begun to appear in subway tube A, which announce, for example, the next station. “My chin fell off while riding the subway. On the route between Bořislavka and Dejvická, they are testing holograms in the tunnel. The future is here!” read one of the excited statuses on the X social network. And speculation about what it was actually about started in full swing. According to available information, however, it will be more about LED panels, which is also confirmed by the annual report of the transport company.

A pilot installation of LED advertising panels was started in the metro tunnel between Dejvická and Bořislavka stations multimedia system (LMS), which should ensure the projection of advertising spots through the windows of passing subway trains,” the report states. The transport company did not want to officially comment on the news, spokesman Daniel Šabík said that the public will learn the details in the coming days. It will probably be an advertising area, similar ones can be seen in other world capitals, such as Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Beijing or Shanghai.

After ten months, the polished Jiřího z Poděbrady station welcomed its first passengers. The tiling, escalators, air conditioning, and navigation system are new lightning

Prague is testing a new form of graphic navigation elements in the metro

Prague is testing a new form of graphic navigation elements in the metro

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