War Israel: Posters of kidnapped Jews are put up in Prague, Hamas supporters tear them down


Exactly one month ago, Palestinian Hamas attacked the state of Israel. Another of the many Israeli-Palestinian conflicts started with unexpected brutality directed mainly against civilians. For the first time since the Yom Kippur War in 1973, Israel officially declared war. During the first hours of the conflict, almost 2 thousand Israelis were killed and at least another 240, including women and children, were subsequently kidnapped to Gaza. Where these people could be and if they are even alive is still unclear.

It was also for these reasons that the Kidnapped from Israel initiative was created, which published the faces of kidnapped Israelis on her website, has created posters and anyone can download them and put them up in the neighborhood. “Thousands of volunteers from more than 30 countries around the world joined together for a single purpose. Bringing these people back home to safety. After witnessing the terrorist attack by Hamas on the State of Israel on October 7, we will not rest until these women, children and seniors are safe at home,” the initiative writes on its website.

Posters arouse anger

Shortly after the attack, posters also appeared in various places in Prague. However, they were repeatedly torn down. However, the latest demolition caused the biggest uproar on the networks and the police are also dealing with it. According to eyewitnesses, the posters were torn down from the wall of the Old Jewish Cemetery by a group of people in cars with a Hamas flag on the roof.

“Hamas supporters attacked the street with two cars with a Hamas flag on the roof. They blocked the street for about two minutes, tore down the posters and fled in their vehicles. The police have their registration numbers and everything is recorded by cameras,” posted the owner of a Prague kosher restaurant, Aaron Günsberger, whose son is now fighting Hamas terrorists in Gaza, on the X social network.

However, the posting of posters will continue. “It was filed a criminal complaint to an unknown perpetrator. The incident is already being investigated by the criminal police and investigators are evaluating the records. This is not the first incident. The posters we put up on the other side of the Jewish cemetery, where there are no cameras and security, were destroyed there that same day. Someone also tried to prevent the posting of posters by administrative means. An anonymous tip came to the municipality, that we carry out an unauthorized installation. This is of course nonsense,” explains Michaela Sidenberg, chief curator of the collections of the Jewish Museum in Prague.

Of course, some users on the social network did not forget to mention the illegal painting. “Well, first of all, we are dealing here with the unauthorized display of posters, there is a fine for that, if I’m not mistaken?” wrote one of the discussants. However, he got it pretty well from the others. As already said, it is private property, so it is definitely not an unauthorized display. “The wall, as the Old Jewish Cemetery, is the property of the Jewish Museum in Prague. The posters are put up in accordance with the ownership and the town hall has been informed at the same time. Everything has been properly announced, you are welcome,” explained another of the discussants.

“So, as they destroy our posters, we will restore them. We believe that in the current situation, it is necessary to constantly draw attention to what happened in Israel. The Old Town is constantly visited by a large number of tourists from the Czech Republic and the whole world. Many people stop by the posters and read the information in detail and many take pictures. That’s why we will continue to stick them up,” concluded the curator.

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Volunteers in Prague put up posters with the faces of Israelis who were dragged by Hamas terrorists to the Gaza Strip after the attack

Volunteers in Prague put up posters with the faces of Israelis who were dragged by Hamas terrorists to the Gaza Strip after the attack

Author: Aaron Gunsberger

The article is in Czech

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