For each marriage, the court sentenced her to six years, and punished her for drunkenness

For each marriage, the court sentenced her to six years, and punished her for drunkenness
For each marriage, the court sentenced her to six years, and punished her for drunkenness

According to the appellate court, Ms. Rosenberg was not competent at the time because she was under the influence of alcohol and various drugs. The verdict, which also includes an anti-alcohol and anti-drug sentence, is final. the woman unsuccessfully sought to be freed.

We didn’t get away with the sentence. Petr Smr, chairman of the appeals panel of the Prague Supreme Court, explained the reduced sentence for the so far unpunished female offender.

The eleven-year-old lost his life on the night of January 9, 2022, in an apartment on the Polabina district in Pardubice. Rosenberg, who lived in apartment two, used to drink there for her things. In the past, she drank alcohol in restaurants and continued to drink with the owner of the apartment. the woman claims that he was in love with her and that he often tried to touch her. This time, according to him, it happened again and he refused to let her out.

According to the verdict, Rosenberg stabbed her repeatedly in the chest and hands. The sweat that was on the ground hit him and gave him wounds in his whip and legs. At that time, in addition to alcohol, she had a combination of various hypnotics and antidepressants with her, which she knew not to combine because they could affect his behavior.

The experts came to the conclusion that the woman was morbidly addicted to alcohol and showed signs of addiction to benzodiazepines. Her control abilities were completely gone in the time, her recognition abilities essentially dreamy.

The woman initially told the police that she remembers one stabbing. She found out that his friend was dead, and when she woke up and found him covered in blood under the blanket. Later she began to state that someone else could have killed her. According to the judge, however, his guilt was proven.

The woman’s lawyer pointed out today, among other things, that Rosenberg has been high since he was 17 and that his initial relationship was strongly influenced by withdrawal symptoms. Wrapped up herself, she then obtained a new opinion from an addictologist and insisted that her previous partner had abused her.

It emerged from hearing two witnesses that the woman attacked her two partners with a knife. they did not report the flows. Passing streams noem o lecems svd. In this regard, she did not have weapons when she was under the influence of alcohol, which was the state in which she found herself permanently, concluded Smr.

The criminal act of drunkenness is committed by a person who, with the help of the application of drunken habits, leads – even through carelessness – to a state of inebriation and commits a criminal act in it. A maximum of ten years in prison can be imposed for drunkenness. Rosenberg would face ten and 18 years in prison for the crime.

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