A Loun woman gave her account to a scammer. She left the court on parole

A Loun woman gave her account to a scammer. She left the court on parole
A Loun woman gave her account to a scammer. She left the court on parole

Condition for one year. Slávka J., a 51-year-old Slovak woman, received such a sentence on Wednesday, November 8, at the District Court in Louny. A woman living in Louny was charged with the crime of legalizing the proceeds of crime. . The sentence is final, the woman confessed to the crime and, like the public prosecutor, waived her right to appeal.

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Similar cases, where trusting people run into Internet fraudsters, have been frequent lately. Caution is in order. “The defendant was contacted by an unknown perpetrator, acting under a fictitious name, who convinced her that he wanted to send her an evaluation of her investment in the amount of 11 thousand US dollars. Although she knew that she had not made any similar investment in the past, based on the instructions of an unknown offender, under the promise of payment, she installed the Anydesk, Revolut and Binanace applications on her mobile phone, provided him with her personal information, a photo of her face, a photo of her ID card and allowed him to dispose of her account kept at Československá obchodní banka,” stated prosecutor Tomáš Voldřich in the indictment.

In March of this year, a total of 155,000 crowns came to the account of the convicted woman in eight payments, and on the same day, 149,000 crowns were sent from the account to two foreign accounts managed by Revolut Bank UAB in four transactions by payment card. The money came from criminal activity, during which an unknown perpetrator fraudulently obtained the aforementioned 155,000 crowns from the account of a damaged 76-year-old man with a history of investment appreciation. All the transactions described occurred on the same day. The police could not find who was behind them.

“The man called me several times, he was nice. In the end, I followed his instructions, I ran into him, I’m sorry,” said the convicted woman in court, for whom it was the first punishment in her life.

Beating, swearing. After two years, the police completed the investigation in the Žatec nursery

During the trial, it was heard several times that her actions were on the verge of intent and criminal negligence. “Given the amount of money, the woman must have been suspicious of the whole thing from the start. If it was a lower amount, intent would not be proven. But even so, the court imposed a sentence at the very limit of the criminal rate, also taking into account the fact that the woman had confessed. The punishment will surely be enough to correct the defendant, he will not do anything like that again,” said the chairman of the senate, Martin Kredba, when justifying the sentence.

During the discussion of the case, public prosecutor Tomáš Voldřich and the defendant’s lawyer Rudolf Postl agreed that more people would probably “fly” in the same way. “We have been dealing with quite a lot of these cases with the police recently,” said Tomáš Voldřich. In the vast majority of them, criminal investigators will track down people who agree to use their own bank account for money transfers, it is difficult to track down fraudsters on the Internet. They are hidden behind the imaginary gates of various applications, foreign companies, virtual currencies, financial flows are untraceable to them.

“That’s why education is important in such cases. People should not trust similar offers, they should not give anyone access to their mobile phone or computer, and certainly not to internet banking or payment card data,” warned the public prosecutor.

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