The men in Orlickousteck were supposed to have ambushed several people. The youngest pulled out a knife


The Orlickoustská crime scene caught the suspects of assaulting several people. One of the group even dared to outnumber them three times and did not hesitate to use a knife.

They are between 19 and 32 years old and, according to the police, they behaved uncompromisingly towards the victims. They met the 23-year-old in the city, gained his trust, and then robbed him in Pivovarská Street. They knocked him to the ground, immobilized him, completely searched his clothes and took everything of value from him. They divided the money and threw away the other things.

It happened on October 5, and the young man left without money, but fortunately unharmed. However, that changed 10 days later. According to the investigators, only the youngest of the group, a 19-year-old youth, attacked.


Two attackers attacked a man in broad daylight in Prague and threatened him with death


His desire for valuables was said to be so great that he dared to triple the odds in Litomyšlská Street. He attacked three young men after midnight, beating and kicking them in the face, and then pulled out a knife and put it to one of their sides.

When the police were on the trail of the perpetrator, it turned out that they actually already knew him. Although he is only a year old, he has already been convicted of violence once. The judge probably took that into account as well.

The young man ended up in custody, his two accomplices from the first robbery are being investigated at large. “Orlickúštěch criminal investigators accused all three men of committing the crime of robbery. In the case of a final conviction, they face a prison sentence of two to 10 years,” said police spokeswoman Andrea Muzikantová.


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