The man did not secure the load on the cart. He lost his couch on the highway


On Tuesday evening, someone informed the police that there was a couch in the middle of the D1 highway in the direction of Brno. The patrol went to the scene immediately, the couch had to be cleared as soon as possible. Before that happened, he was hit by a truck passing by.

A couch appeared out of nowhere in the right lane of the D1 highway at the 88th kilometer in the direction of Brno. Before the patrol arrived at the scene, the driver of a truck with a semi-trailer crashed into a piece of furniture.

“The driver stated that his couch fell directly into the lane in front of the truck and he was unable to react to this situation and crashed the front of the tractor into one of the parts of the sofa set. Fortunately, everyone was uninjured,” informed police spokeswoman Dana Čírtková.

In the meantime, a fifty-eight-year-old man who lost his couch while driving on the highway also contacted the police. He said he loaded the furniture onto the trailer but did not secure it properly. With the assistance of the police, the employees of the Highway Maintenance Center took the seat to the parking lot, where the owner arrived to pick it up.

​According to the police, the man endangered traffic safety and was fined on the spot.

The police spokeswoman pointed out that poorly secured cargo can cause major problems on the road. “There is always a risk that it may fall from the vehicle onto the road or onto passing vehicles, which results in a traffic accident. On the highway, this situation is particularly serious, due to the high intensity of traffic,” said Čírtková. She added that attention should be paid to bicycles on roof racks, building materials, furniture and other objects that are transported on a trailer behind a car.

A driver lost a couch on the highway | Source: Police of the Czech Republic

They have a truck trap in Pardubice. 8 trucks are already stuck in the underpass:

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