The captain is clear! We have the best goalkeepers in the league, we keep our feet on the ground

The captain is clear! We have the best goalkeepers in the league, we keep our feet on the ground
The captain is clear! We have the best goalkeepers in the league, we keep our feet on the ground

Děčín hockey players are presenting themselves very well this year. The bears are in fourth place in the western group of the second league after thirteen games. They are currently in great form, having won seven times out of the last eight matches.

Tomáš Faigl, forward and captain of HC Děčín.

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Last time, David Švagrovský’s men defeated Písek 6:4. Děčín already led 3:0, the visitors equalized, but in the end the Bears pulled the result in their favor and recorded their ninth win of the season. “I think it was a good performance from our side until the middle of the game. We led by three goals and had more chances. Unfortunately, we then made several mistakes and Písek equalized within moments. We talked about it in the cabin, calmed down and thanks to two quick goals at the beginning of the third period we managed to win,” Tomáš Faigl, forward and captain of HC Děčín, who recorded two assists against Písek, evaluated the last match.

As already mentioned, the Děčín hockey players are just below the “crate” in fourth place. Satisfaction must be in place. “Hundred percent. It can be said that we didn’t score only against teams that have the ambition to advance. We are happy, but we still have a lot of games ahead of us. We will want to succeed in each of them,” the 31-year-old player, who has been wearing the Děčín jersey since the 2013/2014 season, is clear.

Experienced strikers Trávníček and Volráb ended up in Děčín during the summer break, there was a change of coach. The staff has become much younger and it is bearing fruit so far. “I think that the team has been well-rounded. With the passage of time and after a few changes, the line-up also settled down. The new guys fit into the cabin really well and it’s a great team,” noted Faigl.

The arrival of goalkeeper Michael Petrásek, who together with his partner Lukáš Lavinger is doing a very good job, was also a great contribution. “We have the best goalkeeper duo in the league. Both prove it in every game. Even when we don’t do well and they get one attack after another, they hold us up tremendously. Thanks to them, we are so high in the table,” emphasized the hockey player, who collected 21 points in thirteen games.

They say that taste grows with food. Does it also apply to Děčín? “We still have a lot of matches ahead of us, now we are playing in Slané against Řisut. We definitely want to stay in the places that will guarantee us the playoffs. We go match by match, we want to score points in each one,” he is clear. Just to add, Děčín is playing in Slané on Saturday, November 11.

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Faigl became the new captain of the Děčín Bears before the season. But he already has experience with the t-shirt on his chest. “I don’t think there was any election. After the weekend team building, the coaches came to the cabin and before training they said who will be the captain and the assistant. I was already elected by the cabinet once, it was two years ago. I had no problem with that,” he smiled.

Since the new season, the team has been coached by a new coach, David Švagrovský, and his assistant is the former great striker of Děčín, Michal Oliverius. What has changed? “We are more tactical. Both on the ice and in the cabin before training and matches. Something will be said or shown on the video. As for the training on the ice, we have different exercises that are more competitive and thus the effort and pace are greater,” he revealed.

In November, the Bears will have tough matches. They will face strong Chomutov or Tábor, and they will also welcome Ústí nad Labem in the derby at home. Did the Děčín players gain more confidence thanks to a good start to the season? “I don’t think so, we still don’t know for sure. There are matches that we don’t play the way we should. We keep our feet on the ground and appreciate every victory,” he nodded his head.

Coach Švagrovský praised his own fans several times. What does the captain say about that? “They are great, they come to us even for away games and they are heard every time. The entire cabin thanks them very much for their support and cheering,” added Tomáš Faigl.

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