School canteens in Prague 1 have a week of international cuisine

School canteens in Prague 1 have a week of international cuisine
School canteens in Prague 1 have a week of international cuisine

The Zlatnická school cafeteria is serving Italian cuisine this week. Photo: Jan Puci

All this week, children and adults visiting the school canteens established by Praha 1 can look forward to the specialties of international cuisine. Children from ZŠ Jiří Guth-Jarkovský, which has a Czech-Italian program, as well as students from the local gymnasium, will enjoy authentic Italian cuisine until Friday.

Italian rissoto with seafood, pasta in all possible ways, gnocchi, salads and real Italian soups and fresh ingredients in everything – tomatoes and other vegetables, chicken, mushrooms, parmesan, pine nuts, mozzarella, basil and of course Italian olive oil. And as a final dessert, panna cotta will be served.

And how everything is going, for example, the 1st deputy mayor David Bodeček (nez./Pirates and Citizens Club from Prague 1) David Bodeček, his predecessor and representative Eva Špačková (ODS), or the head of the school department are gradually visiting all the canteens this week Pavel Štursa.

“It’s great, and I commend our dining staff for their creativity and dedication in creating menus and sourcing ingredients. And I would also like to hear the reactions of the ‘9th graders’ at our next joint meeting,” said Bodeček.

“It bothers me that there are long queues in school canteens, and students only have a few minutes to eat. A lot of high school students also go here. It is necessary for the municipality, which is the founder of secondary schools, to participate financially so that we can increase the capacity of the canteens and thereby increase the comfort of the diners,” he added.

“I’m glad that this project, which we tried this year at the beginning of the school year, is continuing. It inspires the creativity of school principals and it shows children that they can eat healthy and tasty,” said Špačková.

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