Three debuffs, three penalties. The Swiss gave the Czech 20 a lesson in productivity |

Three debuffs, three penalties. The Swiss gave the Czech 20 a lesson in productivity |
Three debuffs, three penalties. The Swiss gave the Czech 20 a lesson in productivity |

Sebastian Redlich’s chances in the match with Switzerland | Photo: Martin Voltr

Only fourteen shots were enough for the Swiss under-20 hockey players to defeat the Czech national team at the start of the five-nation tournament in Chomutov. She did not prevent a single weakening during the 2:3 loss.

Despite the relatively balanced possession of the puck, the Czechs were significantly more dangerous from the start. Pérez set up the opening goal for Holinka in the first minute, Swiss goalkeeper Beglieri saved it with a rebounder. However, he only performed an incredible save against Redlich; he then complained to the referees that the puck might have crossed the goal line. In vain.

Redlich was charged by Tomáš Galvas, who, like another “basketball player” Adam Jiříček, was making his debut in his twenties. Both got more experienced partners – Galvas Aleš Čech, Jiříček in turn Matěj Prčík. The representatives outshot the Swiss 10:2 in the first period, Bareš, who led the team from the captain’s position, had the last big chance from the renumbering.

The well-deserved lead was provided only in the second period by Matěj Přibyl, who caught the poor back of the opponent and did not invent anything in front of the goalkeeper. But the Swiss soon took advantage of their first power play, in which Vopravila worked surprised Grégory Weber at the closer stick. Only from his team’s fourth shot on goal – 1:1.

The hockey players from the country of the Helvetic Cross then pulled back and launched counterattacks. After a mistake in the play-off, the Czechs blocked Reber’s shot at the last moment, Weber tripped in the break. From pressure in the zone, he only got a chance before Holinka’s second siren, but he lifted the puck from close range into the protective net.

The scenario was repeated within six minutes after the break. Twenty seconds were enough for Sebastian Redlich to hit the corner of the goal beautifully from a distance he also delivered his second representative blow to the Swiss. However, again in the power play Matteo Reinhard calmly drove past Vopravil, who could only look sadly at his teammates after the second equalizer – 2:2.

The home team was on the move again, but they only shot from a distance. Pérez missed in the power play, Felcman’s chance was stopped by Beglieri’s catcher and Přibyl couldn’t find the right target either.

And so disaster struck. In the 57th minute, defender Cech was sent off for throwing the puck out of the defensive zone, and the Swiss took advantage of their third numerical advantage. The puck happily bounced to Rafael Meier and he nudged it past Vopravil, who was already moving – 2:3.

The opponent also treated the Czech selection to an intensified power-play, in which one shot by Pérez ended up on the post and the other was caught brilliantly by Beglieri. The Swiss thus defended a narrow triumph despite the Czech dominance in the game.

CZECH REPUBLIC – SWITZERLAND 2:3 (1:1, 1:1, 0:1)

Goals and saves: 24. Pribyl, 41. Redlich (Pérez Lisa, Holinka) – 27. Weber (Quinn, Rod), 46. Reinhard, 59. Meier (Weber, Rod).
Referee: Pražák, Kvétoň – Zíka, Hnát.
Exclusion: 3:4.
Use: 0:3.
Shots on goal: 32:14 (10:2, 11:6, 11:6).
Spectators: 769.
The best players: Tomas Galvas – Alessio Beglieri.
Czechia: Vopravil – Galvas, Čech, Dominik Badinka, J. Dvořák, Jiříček, Prčík, Samson – Štancl, Felcman, Bareš – Pérez Lisa, Holinka, Redlich – Hrabík, Senčák, Jungwirth – Plos, Přibyl, Maštalířský – Boltvan. Coach: Augusta.
Switzerland: Beglieri – Quinn, Füllemann, Bünzli, Ustinkov, Schneller, Terraneo – Weber, Graf, Wagner – Reber, Reinhard, Rod – Kaderli, Gredig, Meier – Lindemann, Embacher, Kaser. Coach: Jenny.

The Finns initially fulfilled the requirements

The opening duel of the tournament offered the expected win of the Finns over the Slovaks. The youngsters from the year 2006 Konsta Helenius (1+1) and Emil Hemming (0+2), the team’s busiest forwards, who will aim high in the draft, were seen with her. The Finns took advantage of two numerical advantages, of the Slovaks, only Adam Cedzo from Třinec succeeded in shooting.

SLOVAKIA – FINLAND 1:5 (0:2, 1:1, 0:2)

Goals and saves: 37. Cedzo (Šotek, Žabka) – 6. Helenius (Hemming), 14. Skinnari, 35. Bau (Helenius, Hemming), 50. Tolppola (Salin, Bau), 58. Kiiskinen (Tolppola).
Referee: Cáp, Jaroš – Šimánek, Maňák.
Exclusion: 6:6.
Use: 0:2.
Shots on goal: 27:32 (6:9, 12:17, 9:6).
Spectators: 67.
The best players: Rastislav Elias – Konsta Helenius.
Slovakia: Elias – Radivojevic, Nátny, Žabka, Pišoja, Královič, Čulík, Nahalka, Sluka – Jenčko, Gabriel, Čiernik – Cedzo, Pobežal, Šotek – Ondriš, Mamonov, Dudáš – Suchý, Jendek, Vojtech. Coach: Fenesh.
Finland: Vinni – Salin, Pulkkinen, Minkkinen, Pieniniemi, Kangas, Väisänen, Grönlund – Hemming, Helenius, Hynninen – Skinnari, Hokkanen, Kuusla – Kiiskinen, Bau, Tolppola – Alasiurua, Korpimäki, Naukkarinen. Coach: Mikkola.

Another program of the tournament of five in Chomutov

Thursday 9 November:
15:00 Switzerland – Sweden
18:30 Czech Republic – Finland

Friday November 10:
15:00 Finland – Switzerland
18:30 Sweden – Slovakia

Saturday 11 November:
15:00 Switzerland – Slovakia
18:30 Czech Republic – Sweden

Sunday November 12:
13:00 Sweden – Finland
16:30 Czech Republic – Slovakia

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