He was sane. The public prosecutor indicted the arsonist from Czech Switzerland


The man who started the largest forest fire in the Czech Switzerland National Park last year in the modern history of the country has been charged by the public prosecutor. According to experts, the former volunteer park ranger was sane.

3D model of the origin of the fire in Czech Switzerland

| Video: Courtesy of the Police of the Czech Republic

According to the investigators, the man also set fire to the seats and the lookout tower on Vlčí hora and caused damage of around 350 million crowns. He is accused of general endangerment and damage to another’s property.

The arsonist faces up to 15 years in prison. “The indictment was sent to the Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem this week,” Kateřina Doušová, a deputy from the regional prosecutor’s office, told iDNES.cz. According to her, why the man set fire to the forest is still unclear.

A fire in Czech Switzerland. Illustrative image

I started a fire in Bohemian Switzerland, said the former guard. He reported himself to the police

The former volunteer ranger of the national park has been in custody since May this year, when the police detained him and the court subsequently granted the prosecutor’s motion to impose custody. The court had previously justified the decision by the fact that he could run away, possibly starting more forest fires, even with regard to the punishment he faces.

Thousands of firefighters in action

IN Czech Switzerland National Park the fire started last night from July 23 to 24, six thousand firefighters took turns to put out the fire within three weeks. Helicopters and planes from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Poland, Germany and Sweden also helped to extinguish the fire.


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