Diagnosis: borderline personality disorder. The movie Roller Coaster is heading to Kadana


/TEASER/ Kadaňské Kino Hvězda will screen the unique documentary Roller Coaster. In four real stories, he delves into the issue of diagnosis of borderline personality disorder. As part of the tour of Czech cinemas, a discussion with the film’s director, Jonáš Motyčka, will also take place in Kadani.

The movie Roller Coaster is about borderline personality disorder

| Photo: courtesy of Jonáš Motyčka

Documentary film Rollercoaster tells the story of people in whose lives borderline personality disorder (BPD) entered their lives. “It is a unique work that aims to destigmatize mental illnesses. Nothing like this has ever been created in the Czech Republic,” says director Jonáš Motyčka. He himself suffers from the diagnosis of HPO and in the film he also has the role of a guide to four stories.

Rebekah, Taisa and Kuba. Three young people who had to adapt their lives to their diagnosis. They are complemented by the story of Martina, whose fate is linked to borderline disorder in a different way. It represents a group of loved ones. Her daughter took her own life because of this diagnosis. “In the film, through interviews and documenting their environment, we will show what it’s like to have a life interwoven with this disease. At the same time, we want to give hope that fighting the HPO is worth it,” explains director Motyčka.

Roller coaster – teaser:

Source: Youtube

According to the filmmakers, borderline personality disorder, or more precisely, emotionally unstable borderline personality disorder, is the most common personality disorder in the population. It is also called the cancer of the soul.

“People with this disorder live in extremes – either the situation is black or white. They either love it or hate it. They are either having a great time or they are terribly depressed – nothing in between. Border guards, as people with this disorder call themselves, do not have it easy at all in their lives. And their loved ones certainly don’t have it easy either. People with HPO struggle with major emotional swings, depression, self-harm, negative self-image, low self-esteem. Eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia and others), conditions such as depersonalization or dissociation are also common. Self-harm, suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts land them in psychiatric hospitals. With HPO, the risk of complete suicide is the highest – the probability of suicide is up to 400 times higher for patients than for a healthy person,” the director quotes the JJ Pestalozzi Center non-profit organization.

The 50-minute film Roller Coaster will be seen by viewers in Hvězda cinema in Kadani on Monday, November 20 from 7 p.m. The tour will then visit Hradec Králové, Opava and Brno.


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