Olomouc gained the valuable scalp of Vienna

Olomouc gained the valuable scalp of Vienna
Olomouc gained the valuable scalp of Vienna

The basketball players of BK REDSTONE Olomouc also won the second home game in the Alpe Adria Cup. They won 100:84 over the last finalist of the competition, BC Vienna, when they decided their victory before the end of the third ten-minute period.

Entering the match, the home team did not succeed at all. After a minute and a half they were losing 2:7 and above all they had four personal errors. Nevertheless, they were able to knock back and at the end of the 5th minute they turned to 14:13. They were better from that point on. Hemphill was successful in shooting and with his help, Olomouc rebounded to a difference of seven points and won the first part 27:21.

The BK REDSTONE players kept the lead in the following minutes as well, and especially outplayed their opponents in the last five minutes of the half. The basketball players of Vienna did not pass properly in the attack, especially the American Stuckey played only on himself and the Hanáci were able to punish it. They won the halftime with a score of 53:36, having recorded eleven assists by the end of the second quarter.

Right after the break, Shawer sent the home team to the basket with a foul to take a 20-point lead and ensured Olomouc’s peace until the next moments of the match. Although the players of Vienna were angry for a while and in the 25th minute after Vujošević’s basket they came close to a difference of fourteen points, but at the end of the quarter the Hanáci took care of it. They entered the last stage with a score of 78:57 and were close to winning.

Vienna did not give up even in extremely unfavorable conditions and reduced its deficit to fifteen points in the thirty-fifth minute. However, the home team kept their composure and achieved a valuable team performance, which was also documented by the statistics – seven players scored at least ten points.

“We showed a very good team performance. Good defense was the foundation. We were able to get a lot of possessions, we were able to win on the rebound. From this also came the game in the attacking half, where the players were able to borrow the ball and the combinations ended with easy baskets. The opponent had great quality, which is why we are happy with the win,” said BK REDSTONE coach Andy Hipsher.

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