We will do everything to make it through, determined coach Koubek

We will do everything to make it through, determined coach Koubek
We will do everything to make it through, determined coach Koubek

Viktoria Plzeň coach Miroslav Koubek before the match of the 4th round of the basic group of the European Conference League against GNK Dinamo.

Trenre, how can Vs lk ensure progress in the fourth round?

We have a regiment of groups behind us, the other half is in front of them. We have nine points from the first half and we know that we obviously have to go and do something. We lose the first opportunity and we will do everything to overcome it and gain a little bit more, and that would strengthen the position.

How much of a complication is Matje Vydry’s injury?

It’s a complication because we had those hroks available. Of course, I dare to vary with the set-up and then play naked. Even in the stdn factor itself, there was room to maneuver. I admit that it’s a complication, we have the last two dancers left and I can’t imagine what would follow if there was an accident. We would have to consult each other, but we got into tense positions in these positions.

Is the win against Slavia an impulse for you?

The general salary, when the last pass is given, the team will get into a good mental state, so I know that this experience will be confirmed.

What did you use from the rescue in Zheb, what could Vaima oima look better?

He was satisfied with that match, we won the match against that opponent and despite the positive lessons from that match, I wouldn’t look for a negative day like that.

What did Dinamo’s last game in Varadin say to you?

Of course, we saw the game in terms of the performance and the day on the hit, so Dinamo dominated the game and played a very fair game in defense. Dinamo would have equalized in set time, so it was a level better team, not home Varadin, so they confirmed their quality, especially their strong technical side and because of that, a very good combination. We know that you don’t give up so many goals, it would be good if it worked out for them. They are probably wrong, Petek, but so are we.

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