The point is good, but it is not enough – Our Jablonecko

The point is good, but it is not enough – Our Jablonecko
The point is good, but it is not enough – Our Jablonecko

08.11.2023 12:17:00 | Author: Jaroslav Hrabák | Category: Sports | Municipality: Jablonec nad Nisou

After his teammate Hapala, the Jablonec coach Látal came across “his” again. At Sigma, where he had a great playing career. I wanted three points, it’s one with a handle and even if it’s not enough, it counts.

FK Jablonec – SK Sigma Olomouc 1:1 (1:1)

Coaches Látal and Jílek sent the following lineups to the match:

* FK Jablonec: Hanuš – Tekijaški, Martinec, Hurtado – Štěpánek, Houska (69. F. Souček), Kratochvíl (C), Polidar (46. Krulich) – Alégué (82. Pleštil), Chramosta (69. Jovović), Čanturišvili. Substitutes: Fendrich – Hübschman, Náprstek, Černak. Coach: R. Látal.

* SK Sigma Olomouc: Digaňa – Chvátal, Vraštil, Pokorný, Zmrzlý – Ventúra, Breite (C) – Vodháněl (77. Fortelný), Zorvan, Navrátil (77. Sláma) – L. Juliš (86. Zifčák). Substitutes: Macík – Šíp, Israel, Matys, Kříšťál, Pospíšil. Coach: V. Jílek.

The home team started the match very well and already in the 5th minute there was euphoria on the pitch and in the audience. A foul on Štěpánek at the half-way line, a set piece by the pair Alegué-Polidar, a short cut by the visiting goalkeeper and Štěpánek confidently sent the ball into the net to make it 1:0. In the 11th, Sigma countered, but Ventura threw away the impossible, but threw away. In the 18th minute, Houska messed up, lost the ball and Sigma took advantage of the overnumbering, Juliš knows how to finish – 1:1. In the decisive moment, Hurtado slipped and it was not the first case of “skaters” in the Jablonec jersey. Do they put on their cleats according to fashion or according to the state of the field? In the 35th minute, the visitors had another great chance, but Navrátil’s joy was spoiled by Hurtado.

In the second half, the strength of the home team decreased, the substitutions did not help, rather the opposite, Sigma calmly applied their better movement and player quality and everyone was satisfied with the point. That could have changed in overtime in the 94th minute, Zorvan got a great chance, shot well, Hanuš only blocked, but Tekijaški hit in the empty goal and saved the home team at least a point.

Match statistics:

Goals: 5. Štěpánek – 18. L. Juliš (Zorvan).
Cards: 2:2 (32. Kratochvíl, 71. Hurtado – 52. Chvátal, 52. Vodháněl).
Holding the ball: 45% : 55%.
Shots on goal: 2:5. Shots out: 3:4. Corners: 1:6. Offsides: 4:1. Fouls: 11:14.
Referee: Kotala – Bureš, Žurovec.
Spectators: 2,387.

Gaining a point in a home game is not enough in the Jablonec situation in the table. The drama will continue. Sigma was certainly a better team than Ostrava and Jablonecka in the last round, despite the absence of Beneš’s support, they didn’t let much into anything. The field belonged to her, because the Jablonec backup has long been a line that cannot make a match both offensively and defensively, but that goes to the creators of the squad, not to Látal.

The real discovery of the autumn is Štěpánek, he is visibly growing match by match and this time he was also rewarded with a scored goal. Otherwise, it’s hard to praise. Again, it is necessary to marvel at Látal’s substitution. Chramosta is not Haaland, but he is by far the best scorer in Jablonec. He is definitely closer to the goal than all those who replace him. Has Látal not figured that out yet?

Well, nothing, in the next round, Látal’s team goes to Zlín, which picked up after Vrba’s departure and won in Pardubice. It will be a six-point game. Jablonec is also waiting for a match in the MOL Cup on November 16 in České Budějovice.

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