Regulation and control are growing under Fiala. The Czech Republic will begin to lack Russian diesel and gasoline, says the head of Slovnaft

Regulation and control are growing under Fiala. The Czech Republic will begin to lack Russian diesel and gasoline, says the head of Slovnaft
Regulation and control are growing under Fiala. The Czech Republic will begin to lack Russian diesel and gasoline, says the head of Slovnaft

Unfortunately, the trend of the times is that the ranks of those who take some money from the state are growing very quickly. And since the state is also having trouble raising enough money to pay the increasingly dependent part of society, and there is a suspicion that the money is running away from it somewhere, it keeps coming up with new regulations and controls that it wants to bind people with. By doing so, he further increases his power over them. The intensity of proposals for regulation and control is growing rapidly, writes Lenka Zlámalová in the new edition of the Weekly Echo.

“The Czech Republic will begin to miss Russian diesel and gasoline. You may be in trouble.” In the European Union, the exception that allowed oil products made from Russian oil to be imported into the Czech Republic should end in a month. Slovnaft, part of the Hungarian concern MOL, supplies the Czech market with these. Chairman of the board of Slovnaft Oszkár Világi but they argue that with a little political will, this increase may still be averted. He led the conversation Daniel Kaiser.

Gottwald was a bigger criminal than Heydrich, defends Mašíny Topolánek. Another wave of discussions about the Mašín brothers, the most prominent representatives of the armed resistance during the Third Resistance, arose after the premiere of the film Brethren and also in connection with considerations as to whether the new president will honor the resistance couple (only Josef is still alive, Ctirad died in 2011): in the end, only sister Zdena received the award. In a series of different debates, ours is perhaps somewhat different because of the special composition of the participants and also the openness with which they express themselves about the matter and think about it. Salon Echa led Jiří Penás.

British prostitutes are for the destruction of Israel. So do European capitals have a problem with anti-Semitism? He went to the capital of Great Britain to find an answer to this question Ondrej Šmigol.

“I can’t handle eight hours of work.” Resilience is the subject of research. Numerous academic workplaces are developing the concept of resilience. Many sociologists and psychologists draw attention to the extent to which, for example, work has become so “condensed” due to new technologies that the current eight-hour shift is an order of magnitude more demanding than the same shift twenty years ago. More in the text Tereza Matějčková.

A forgotten tribute to the European East. The English writer Rebecca West (1892–1983) is not known in our country and is not even remembered very often at home. But during her long life she was a very successful woman at the center of the literary scene. In the 1990s, during the Yugoslav wars, her travelogue of Yugoslavia experienced a revival of interest Black lamb and gray falcon (1941). Although it was critically evaluated by some commentators, out of necessity they returned to it as an indispensable English-written view of this country. But even non-war writers occasionally mention the book as one of the best modern English travel books ever. More in the text Martin Weiss.

The “ageless” Rolling Stones band in an aging world. The Rolling Stones released a new album Hackney Diamonds, it would take considerable effort not to know. There is also a song on it Sweet Sound of Heaven, another in a series of Stone gospel variations. Pretty. Stevie Wonder plays keyboards in it, Lady Gaga joins Mick Jagger in a duet. The text is full of non-ironic biblical allusions, it depicts the image of the coming heaven or some of its possibilities, the foreshadowing carried by the scent and the sound of music. It will bring quenching of thirst, harmony in which, among other things, “the old will believe they are young.” Strange choice of words. As if the sign of redemption was denial, he writes Ondrej Stindl.

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