The Ministry offered health workers a higher salary, but did not reach an agreement with the young workers

The Ministry offered health workers a higher salary, but did not reach an agreement with the young workers
The Ministry offered health workers a higher salary, but did not reach an agreement with the young workers

The representatives of the department have offered to increase the salary in women’s hospitals from January 1 of the fifth year, and the next increase should then take place from January 1, 2025. The new salaries should then represent 1.5 and three times the average salary according to the length of experience. However, the representatives of the Faculty and the union rejected the proposal, and the Ministry did not specify a specific target for the year 2024.

According to Policar, the Ministry’s proposal is better than the new salary scales according to the government’s plans. This would mean that the same thing happens with health care. However, according to the proposal, salaries would be reduced for those who have them without Pesas ni.

The most complicated point is the system of refusal of nurses. At the moment, we do not consider models to be personal, said Jan Pda, vice president of the Czech Chamber of Commerce.

The position of the Ministry of Health was not supported by the amount of financial resources. We proposed to unify the sick leave in all Czech hospitals, regardless of their form, said the president of the Health and Social Union, Dagmar Itnkov. According to him, uniform salary tables should be introduced for working hours.

But they agreed, for example, on a change in salary and on new working conditions. According to the Ministry, they should pay immediately. A long-term care coordinator should be appointed in each women’s hospital, and by the end of the year there will be a point of contact for cases of unsustainable long-term care.

According to the proposal, by January 1, 2025 at the latest, there should be a legally enshrined leave before the certification exam, and in the first quarter of the fifth year, a regular meeting will be held to discuss changes in remote health workers.

The Ministry is preparing a national plan for human resources in the healthcare sector. According to Policar, it will guarantee good conditions and enough qualified, efficient and motivated nurses.

The representatives of the ministry will meet with lkai and trade unions again on Monday, November 13.

The workers have changed the work schedule, which has doubled the amount of voluntary pesas work to 832 hours per year since January of this year, effectively making it impossible to spend 24 hours at work until now.

The Ministers of Health and Labor wrote that they had drafted an amendment that would incorporate their demands. The representatives of the Young Boys’ Section and the Young Boys’ Association refused the offer, giving, for example, a special financial reward for 24-hour service.

According to the information system on the average length of stay, in the first half of this year, the average salary of a specialist in general and private settings was 104,652 crowns. A total of 42 percent of this was made up of fees, compensations and rewards. They worked an average of 20.4 hours during Pesas.

Members of the ministry section criticized the ministry on Facebook on Tuesday for not being one of them. According to them, the promise of a new law does not improve the situation and the protest does not go away.

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