Parking lot instead of buses. Two dozen new places were created at the Louna railway station


/PHOTO, VIDEO/ Eighteen new parking spaces began to serve at the bus station in Louna. They arose at unused platforms. The places are to be used mainly by people from the city and the region who commute by bus to work or school, for example to Prague. For now, the parking lot will be free, but by the end of the year, Louna City Hall plans to charge for it.

18 new parking spaces were created in the area of ​​the Loune bus station.

| Video: Diary/Petr Kinšt

Louny made an agreement with the owner of the bus station, according to the town hall, the cost of building eighteen new places was in the order of thousands of crowns. “The city paid for the painting of horizontal road markings and vertical road markings and then a symbolic rent to the land owner. Thanks to this, parking spaces could be created very quickly,” said Marcel Mihalik, spokesman for the Louna town hall.

According to the city management, the parking lot is intended mainly for drivers who travel for work or education by bus and need to park their car at the station. The parking lot is free for now, but that should change by the end of the year. It has to be paid for. “We plan to install a parking meter by the end of the year. The daily parking fee will be around 40 crowns,” said the deputy mayor of Loun, Pavel Csonka.

Excavations and other earthworks in Pivovarská Street in Louny.

Until mid-November. The closure of Pivovarská Street in Louny will soon end

The new parking lot did not limit the functionality of the station in any way, the spaces were created at unused platforms.

Louna City Hall promises to build dozens of new parking spaces in various locations around the city in the near future. The parking lot at the bus station should be the first step. “I am very happy that it is possible to solve burning problems, which include parking in the city, so quickly. I thank the deputy mayor and the relevant officials for their cooperation and visible first results,” said the mayor of Loun, Milan Rychtařík.

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Source: Diary/Petr Kinšt


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