I don’t have a lot of support for things in colch, they only have information from copper

I don’t have a lot of support for things in colch, they only have information from copper
I don’t have a lot of support for things in colch, they only have information from copper

For now, we find out for ourselves which wheels join the hundred. However, we know that support increases. We will give things at the end of the fifth week. We’re not a leader, he teased. It is not yet known how the workers will protest. And first of all, the editor of the bike, who contacted MF Dnes, refers to the lack of information even on the day of the request from the union.

I don’t know about the hundred, we don’t have trade unions, so I didn’t go, Klra Tesaov, editor of the Gymnzia and Business Academy in Marinské Lznice, responded to the question. The trade unions in the center did not contact, for example, the editor of the Chebsk gymnasium. Their representative could not even be reached. The question is how things will turn out at the grammar school in Sokolov.

At this moment, I don’t know how our wheels will react to it, it is of course possible that some pedagogues join the group individually. We have a teacher’s council in five weeks, so the subject in particular will be one of them, said Ji Wid, the editor of Sokolovsko gymnasium.

And it will be ern on blm

In Dolny Andov in Chebsk they will discuss the matter at an extraordinary meeting on Monday. I cannot predict its outcome, noted Vra Havlkov, editor of Zkladn koly and mother of Doln andov. I would say that the government’s decisions are not in line with the needs of the people, they are detached from reality, she added.

We don’t know how it will be with the hundred, there was no time to meet yet, we ask pedagogical advice every week, Vladimr Vlek, editor of Zkladn koly Kikova in Sokolov, asked to be heard. I have no indication that anyone here is rushing to a hundred. “Actually, we were surprised by the announcement and we’re on everyone’s side, because we live relatively peacefully here, no one is taking anything from us,” he pointed out.

He noted that there will probably be some support among the teachers. If someone decides to join you individually, it’s his first and I won’t stop him. It’s just a matter of time, we only have information from copper for now. Datovka hasn’t drunk anything yet, so let’s try and it will be black for a mistake, and then we will talk about it with our colleagues, added editor Vlek.

So we didn’t go into the darkness. It’s a lot of new information for us, nothing I’ve discussed with the teachers myself, so no one really wants to get involved, commented Arnotka Jankovsk, deputy editor for the second degree at the 2nd Z in Chodov.

Don’t worry about the stakes for now

And this is how Zdenk Peenka, editor of Stedn kóly, warehouse of kóly and mother kóly Kraslice, saw the article. The teacher has to decide, we don’t have a trade union. But I would support Stvka. I think that what is happening is not in the pod. Let’s try to get more information from the trade union, we have a meeting in five weeks where we will probably go, said editor Peenka.

It’s the same way straight to the Hotel bike in Marinsk Lznch. We did not go to the question connected to the hundred, assuming that we will get to it at the end of the fifth week, shared the editor of the bike Ji Chum. Even on the largest regional bike, the Integrated medium bike technically and economically in Sokolov, you don’t have enough information about the site.

At the moment, I don’t have any information about whether our bikes should join the plant, I’m not going to initiate it, the local trade union organization didn’t tell me anything about the request, and I don’t know that there is any dissatisfaction, said Pavel Janus, editor of ISTE.

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