By the end of this year, demolition work will begin in the Pilsen spa


The long-awaited revitalization will begin before the end of the year in the courtyard of the former city spa on Denisova nábřeží in Pilsen, which the Pilsen region bought from a private owner. The building from 1931 has been decaying for a long time and has no use. In recent days, the Pilsen Region has also presented a specific future form and use.

The regional councilors have already approved the selection of a contractor for the contract entitled Municipal spa – demolition work in the yard. “We received a total of three offers, electronically. We are satisfied with the result, we evaluated the participant with the submitted price offer of almost six million crowns as the most advantageous.” the Deputy Governor of the Pilsen Region for the area of ​​social affairs, investments and property commented on the order Martin Záhor and added: “The construction site will be handed over immediately after we sign the contract with the contractor and it becomes effective. Then the contractor has three months to fulfill the contract, i.e. for the actual demolition in the inner block.”

“I believe that the new path of the spa building, which we have started, will be positively received by the lay and professional public. We all have a common goal, which is to return the historic building to its imaginary shine and combine it with modern usage trends.” said the governor of the Pilsen region Rudolf Spotak.

“Our intention is to build suitable spaces for the West Bohemian Gallery and a multifunctional hall for wide use, in the historical part of the building where the swimming pool was located. Organizations dealing with leisure activities for children and youth will also find their space in the former spa complex.” added the governor.

Until November 16, the public can view the future form and use of the spa in front of the building of the West Bohemian Museum in Pilsen as part of an outdoor panel exhibition. The author of the designs is the architect Eva Heyworth.

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City Spa, Pilsen

You know that feeling when you’re walking down the street and suddenly see an old dilapidated house and wonder how it’s possible that it’s in such a deplorable state? After all, it is a beautiful building and it certainly has its price. So why is it decaying? Unfortunately, we ask ourselves this question all too often, which is why we decided to uncover the reasons and look for ways to help revive such buildings. As part of the program, we will focus on dilapidated gems from all over the country.

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The former city spa in Pilsen will start to be repaired this year

After many years of decay, the Pilsen spa will finally be restored. The Pilsen region, which bought the building in October, will begin the demolition of the rear tract this year. However, the architectural competition will not be announced, the region wants to announce a tender for the reconstruction contractor by the Design & Build method by the end of the year.

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The Plzeň region will present the renovation of a dilapidated spa

A panel exhibition will start tomorrow in Pilsen in front of the West Bohemian Museum, which will show an architectural study of the adaptation and reconstruction of the dilapidated city spa in Pilsen. The building from 1931 has been decaying for a long time and has no use. In the future, a multicultural center should be established here.

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