Stvk? Don’t fuck? Peep pancakes? The height and form of the protest

Stvk? Don’t fuck? Peep pancakes? The height and form of the protest
Stvk? Don’t fuck? Peep pancakes? The height and form of the protest

So far, no one has reported to our church department that they would like to join the church. But of course, this does not mean that the teacher does not fulfill this role, said regional councilor Jan Bala (Pirti). It is likely that the editor first wants to discuss the procedure with the teaching councils. On the other hand, it was announced only on Tuesday that Stevka is recommended by the local trade unions.

The region, which is the owner of medium-sized bicycles, will now demonstrate how it will take a position on the number of bicycles.

gives information on how many teachers and students are going to support the Vysoin thing, at this moment even the Regional Union of School Workers (KROS P) does not know. if we should have any salt on the table, it’s definitely not, said the chairman of KROS P for Vysoina, Josef Bobek. It will be current and so a week before that. I’m sure it will only develop.

According to Bobek, it will depend on how the bike editor approaches the whole event. But the current situation is quite unbearable. “So far, I haven’t come across a visionary that anyone would be singled out against the hundred,” said Bobek. Deciding on the scales whether the wheels will be involved or not will be how the association editor and the wheel leader in general react to it.

the editor is understood

The editors themselves, whom MF DNES approached, had no idea how the planned story would develop on their bike. We haven’t had an internal discussion on this topic yet. At the moment, I don’t have any information on which of the teachers would apply, said Hynek Bouchal, editor of Gymnzia in Havlkov Brod. It’s weeks until the 100, a lot of things will change several times by then.

He, like the editor, left the decision about the incident involved in the hundred up to the individual employees. If they want to join the church, I will not blame them in any way. On the contrary, I would smell them, continues Bouchal.

It is the decision of each teacher, says Zdenk Wohlhfner, editor of Jihlavsk Zkladn koly Seifertova. If the employees tell me that they are going to work, it is my duty to start the bike. When there will be a few of them and I will not be able to organize the bike, I have to let the parents know that the bike will not work that day. But it is pli erstv so that I can tell you how it will be.

Only symbolically?

It is not clear at this time what form of the story the teacher chose. I believe that if someone joins, it will only be symbolic. For example, the release of support for local placards, said the mayor of Ru nad Szavou, Rostislav Dvok (KDU-SL).

Personally, I am not a fan of any type of event. I think that things should be negotiated and that she should be able to explain herself. And on the basis of that, initiate some radical steps, Mr. Bala. Here, I find it a bit sloppy, when you don’t even have a five-year budget to ride a bike, he added.

However, trade union president Bobek would prefer a more provocative warning. The problem is, at the moment when we think that we are going to work, but only because we have a badge, people think that it is about not drinking for a salary, to Bobek. This is the case with cleaners, cooks and other non-teaching workers who often have a minimum wage. But the teacher’s salary is not so low that a one-day failure cannot be sustained. I think that the form of our protest must be clear.

According to Bobek, it is your job to explain to the public what the story is about. This protest, I must be clear, is not about salaries. That’s the last one. And if so, then I’m talking about the salaries of non-teaching staff, because they are really sad. But it’s about how the school is financed as a whole, continues the union.

The fault is mainly inconceivability, to Bobek, who works part-time for Cermat (Centre for revealing long-term results). I am in the mood that I should support the bike owners as well, therefore the Ministry of Bikes. But the quality of the whole bike cannot be compromised. And if it will be financed as it is on the table, then let’s bury the dead body, court.

The employees of the circle want to get the support of the public on their side. If we succeed, the event itself will succeed, Bobek continues. Of course, it’s about communication. Vm, many people understand this.

It is equivalent to the argument that the trade unions are taking children as hostages for their purpose. In my opinion, he is taking them hostage at the moment. Don’t realize that their priority should be the wheels first, added Bobek.

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