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An investor wants a 21-story building near the subway at Hjch. only, responds the mayoress

An investor wants a 21-story building near the subway at Hjch. only, responds the mayoress
An investor wants a 21-story building near the subway at Hjch. only, responds the mayoress

According to the investor’s plan, two 21-storey residential buildings, supplemented by a new building, should be built on the site of the old cinema. In the houses, space is filled both for housing on the upper floors and for shops and services on the lower floors. The investor is the company Thesea.

About 270 housing units of various sizes should be created in the buildings, according to information published on the website of Prague 11, the largest should be 5+kk. The entrances to the 70 meter high building are from Arkalyck Street.

At the same time, the construction of an underground parking lot is planned, which should accommodate up to 300 cars, as well as the right perimeter, including the water feature.

The site will be developed

Mstsk st Prague 11 has been under the pressure of massive construction for a long time. Although we are one of the most densely populated urban areas and public amenities are lacking, we are still a city where investors can imagine hundreds of apartments in all places, both good and bad, and the related demands for their surroundings. The parking lot is, of course, a huge problem now, said the mayor rka Zdekov (Hnut pro Praha 11).

According to him, such a massive construction will dry up around Hj. It is not just about how many years the construction itself took, but about the total cost of the land. Last but not least, the current dominant and symbol of the City of the neighboring twin Kupas will be encroached upon. The panel houses in the area reach 4 and 13 floors, the developer plans to build 21 floors in two, she described the problems that can arise with the construction and thus make the lives of the residents worse.

The inhabitants of Hj are often long-term residents with ties to the Galaxy region, she added. She stated that the construction of religious and cultural facilities would be suitable for the locality, an idea she considers to be a lie.

The leaders of Prague 11 in the center approved the objections to the land women about the construction of the roof on Hajch, the oban and the SVJ can send them until November 9. She informed about the number of cities on her website.

According to the mayor’s statement, some residents took advantage of it and submitted their notes.

We definitely do not want 21 floors here, where there will be 277 apartments. This means that the population will increase from some two thousand people to at least 2,500, Bohuslav Sutner, a member of the SVJ, told PrahaTV.

From my point of view, it is completely inadequate, because there are about 270 apartments being filled and there are 310 parking units, explained Lenka Minrtov, president of the SVJ of the Aneka Mal house, adding that in large apartments it is possible that residents will have more than one apartment. Pitom parking is in a problematic location at present.

The chairman of the Committee for the Transport of the Capital City of Prague and the representative of the City of Prague 11, Martin Sedeke, considers Mayor Zdekov’s actions to be incompetent. He claims that thanks to this, the investor managed to obtain a construction permit from the construction company leading to the permission to implement the project. Meanwhile, the mayor slandered the public that the city management did not know about the impending death because the investor did not present it to the city management, Sedeke said on Facebook. This is how the mayor criticized her from the very beginning, when she told her that the investor was preparing to apply for the necessary construction permit.

In addition, the construction of other apartment buildings is planned in the immediate vicinity of Duo Galaxy. Other projects are being built near and far around the white cinema. Currently, the reconstruction of the Opatov hotel, where apartments are being built, is also underway.

Kino Galaxie was opened in 1996 as the first Czech multi-cinema, when it was created as an extension of the cultural center. Before it closed in 2019, it was operated by the Cinema City company, and had 9 rooms that could accommodate 1,728 viewers.

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