Disputes threaten the quality of the sound, I am the bike editor in the Krlovhradecky region

Disputes threaten the quality of the sound, I am the bike editor in the Krlovhradecky region
Disputes threaten the quality of the sound, I am the bike editor in the Krlovhradecky region

When, three years ago, the system of financial regional rotation changed from simple sweat to the calculation of the maximum weekly volume of hours paid from the general budget (PHmax), the Estylet Gymnzium Boeny Nmcov in Hradec Krlov reacted cautiously to the new possibility. The division of classes and the formation of small groups introduced, in addition to languages, also lessons in laboratories, mainly for optional subjects, where only the name of the student group has a voice. Only 90 percent of the new financing options were used.

Now that bike will come in handy. Due to the reduction of payments for gymnasiums, the coefficient may be reduced to 87 percent.

Compared to the current PHmax, we can have 120 hours less, but we were below it for 96 hours, so we will go 24 hours. If it stays that way, it won’t be a problem for us. But I don’t mind myself. I think it is unfair to limit the hours. We knew that we would be able to expand it further, explains the effects of the Gymnzia editor Jan trba.

According to him, one of the reasons for the slow rate of change was the average age of the teaching staff, which means higher expenditure on salaries. With gradual change, the gymnasium could afford to hire more teachers.

Sentor: let’s talk about a compromise

If the impact on the quality of sound changes, the editor of the bike in Dobany in the Orlické hory and the sentor for Rychnovské Jan Grulich (TOP 09) also thinks: We will honor that we are punishing the bikes that were active and started with a great modern sound. When Dober Kola managed time with PHmax, acquired modern technology, had long hours and launched the 2030+ strategy, it had high demands on personnel. If you dream of PHmax, it is actually a sign of good efforts.

Grulich is now in a conflicted position. As a government senator, he understands that it is important to consolidate the budget, but according to him, the ministry is in the wrong place.

Even in the mountains you can escape. But if it endangers the quality of bicycles, we are seriously against it and we are trying to negotiate some compromise in order to make bicycles a priority, to Grulich, who succumbed to the government’s program review in the field of bicycles and should have been one of the candidates for the ministerial post.

About how the new financial concept will affect the circulation of the wheel, they discussed, for example, at the Stedn kola hotels, handicrafts and gastronomy in Trutnov. According to editor Petra Jansov, the complicated situation so far is about to get worse.

For our round, it is difficult to start, because we have a lot of majors and majors then. I would have to spend more hours of professional training, for example, so that in the first year they would start not in our hands, but through an external company. It is complex, in the next round it will certainly affect first professional training and complex multidisciplinary classes, Jansov estimates.

Finances will be missing even in mothers’ kolkhs. The reduction affects the main tch mench to the size t td.

It concerns the wages of non-teaching staff and pensions, which cover expenses for illness and the like. Unfortunately, we are permanently underfunded in these items, and we want to take some of them. Men won’t have tolls to pay for illness, they won’t be able to afford the descents, which they could now, as they could, the editor of Hradec M Tebechovick Zdenk said, his tolls will fall among the big ones, and the disputes are so many for me.

It’s too early to fill up

the bike editor in the region is now preparing for the situation that will occur on November 27. In the first few days after the sled, it will not be clear how the sled will look in the individual wheels. Unions and teachers now have approximately two weeks to decide on the form of the protest.

I don’t have any signals yet. As far as I know, the teacher has until November 20 to report to the president of the union, and then he will send a list of me. However, I assume that there will not be a lot of gatherings here and the storm will pass normally, according to Jan.

We will not join the thing, because it would significantly interfere with the operation of the wheel. We will maximally support our colleagues in some form of image, to the point.

In the same way, do not hide with the hundred even in the mother circle in Hronov. Until now, we have never stayed here because the parents had somewhere to give birth to their children, says editor Iveta Kuldov.

editor: we will also pay for teachers’ salaries

the editor of one of the big stock bikes in Nchod and the mayor of Nchod, Frantiek Majer (behind STAN), is just saying what the next few days will bring.

I have asked the trade union to let me know by Wednesday, November 22, the specific person who will stand up for the situation, so that I can ensure the running of the bike, as I am obliged to do. When the cooks are going to work, I have to set up the canteen, and when the teacher is the teacher, I have to set up the kitchen as well. The trade unions will still discuss it, to the editor of Zkladn koly Komenskho.

Regarding the financing round next year, it is not clear at all. On Tuesday, I happened to be at a conference in Prague on behalf of the minister, and he announced there that the opening of the Ministry of Religion will be announced in January. So we won’t take anything, but if it were, as you are now hearing, we would have to go to non-permanent units for pedagogues to strike non-pedagogical workers. If I understood it at the time, the salaries of non-pedagogical workers should be cut by two percent. This would be really unbearable for our cooks, cleaners and people who make the bike run, because their salaries are really sad, according to Frantiek Majer. I hope that the situation will turn out similarly to the past, and I will be able to drive, but I will talk about the fact that the wheels need to be inflated and cleaned.

On the other hand, the dispute does not arise at the Technical and Vocational Center in Nový Bydov, which can be involved in various financially attractive projects. Maybe it’s due to a technical wheel change.

We have very few non-teaching staff members, so there will probably not be an issue with us. kola is involved in various projects, has extra resources and a wide range of additional activities. We will also use these resources for dismissal, mainly non-pedagogical workers, such as cleaners, cooks and so on. Let’s not let free capacity overwhelm us. It is a matter of activity, and not just a hand out, explains the situation editor Vladimr Blaej.

Petra Jansov from the Trutnovsk hotels, however, warns that the act should not be perceived as a protest for low wages. According to him, it is generally a financing round: If it is presented first as a hundred for salaries, they will again be the teachers for the worst.

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