They are yet to decide on the hundred. Teachers in Prague will also have a pension with you

They are yet to decide on the hundred. Teachers in Prague will also have a pension with you
They are yet to decide on the hundred. Teachers in Prague will also have a pension with you

He is concerned because he does not join non-teaching staff. You will not find an editor who would not have a problem finding non-teaching staff, she said.

This is also confirmed in Vy’s professional circle and Vclav Hollar’s medium artistic circle. In the field of art circles, the financial problem is huge. I’m going to have to unchain people. When I see it, I’m minus those ties, stated the editor of the round Bohumr Gemrot. He will discuss the situation with the teaching staff and on Monday.

The situation is similar in warehouses. It is very early, and that is why I need to meet with representatives of the union organization and consult. We will find out which of the employees can participate, but I assume that they will want to participate fully, said Jaroslav Kulik, editor of ZK Milovu in Prague 11.

The bag is fully supported. kola functions as one organism, including other teaching and non-pedagogical employees, without which kola cannot function. He explained that we currently consider the tax due to which non-pedagogic employees to be on the edge of the minimum wage to be essential.

Temporary operation

If the wheels do not have enough people to start the operation on the day of the 100th, it will most likely remain closed. At the moment, we are prepared both for an improvised one and for closing the circle, added Kulik.

The first necessity of such a bag discourages some mothers. I will discuss the whole situation with our employees. But let’s not stop there, we have never been involved in the day of the hundred. It’s quite problematic in Kólka, we operate from half past seven to five and we can’t leave children unattended, said the editor of M Korb in Prague 8, Hana Francov.

Stvkov’s emergency service, however, in the metropolis only applies to bicycles that are registered by the state through the individual city offices and the municipality. do not network with other users.

You are not limited to the day at the Archbishop’s Gymnasium in Vinohrady, which is run by the church. We are not going to strike because our financial situation is changing, we cannot strike against him. Of course, I’m in favor of there being money in the district, and it’s a shame that there aren’t, commented Lucie Bohat, the representative of the editor there.

Prmr in Prague will not rise

The collapse of schools has been met with a long-term shortage of teachers and other workers in schools. The problem that the local trade union wants to solve has quickly turned it into such a sad situation.

The average teacher’s salary will reach 130 percent of the average salary in five years, but its calculation will be based on salaries for eight years. In practice, this resulted in the teacher seeing much less on their payslips, the government promised, namely only 113 percent of the average salary. But the problem is also the salaries of non-pedagogical workers, i.e. janitors, cooks or cleaners.

The calculation of the salary is the same in all regions. The law does not regulate the fact that the cost of living in the capital is much higher than, for example, in the Karlovy Vary region. So the salary has no real value in Prague.

In addition, Prague is the hardest because the cost of living is higher here than elsewhere in the country. Teachers are so strongly beaten that they receive the same salary in Prague as their colleagues in other regions, where life is significantly cheaper, said the mayor of Prague 6 for education, Mariana apkov (Prague 6 sob).

Moreover, the shortage of female workers is likely to worsen. There are currently 14 warehouse bikes permitted in Prague. If it were a standard two-speed stock bike with two parallel rows, the metropolis would need to find over 900 teachers.

According to Antonn Klecanda (STAN), the councilor for the area of ​​churches, the way to strike people is in the field of municipal apartments. The magistracy would like to allocate several hundred for teachers. Their favorable him could then theoretically equalize the salary difference between the capital and the regions.

The facts

Salaries of a teacher in the cracks of Kolch

  • the editor of a stock bike shop costs on average 82,705 crowns gross.
  • Compared to the salaries of female workers in similar positions in Prague, they will receive 120% of their average salary.
  • About 24% of his salary consists of the so-called variable clauses, i.e. the employer’s fees and salary, which is overwhelmingly the case of the city council.
  • On average, teachers earn an average of 51,569 gross crowns per month.
  • Work experience is signed on top of their salary with a difference of 10,000 crowns.
  • Compared to people with the same, i.e. master’s degree, who work in similar positions, they only have 68.3% of their average salary.

    Source: S, AV R

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