Prague has the eight highest public deficits in Europe, the survey showed

Prague has the eight highest public deficits in Europe, the survey showed
Prague has the eight highest public deficits in Europe, the survey showed

Concerns about the safety of public toilets have been raised in connection with news of ethnic groups in European cities. The British company Showers to You analyzed over 8,000 reviews of more than 1,000 public visits to Google Maps. Potala with an average rating of toilets and, according to the reviews, the words containing the word pinava, according to which he also gave synonyms. The negative review compared individual European cities and then compiled European cities whose public toilets are the worst.

According to this analysis, Prague has become one of the eight European cities with the highest levels of poverty. Prague faces problems with the safety of public toilets, according to the survey. The toilets here have an average rating of 3.24, the company gave the capital a score of 5.6 out of 10. Neighboring Bratislava finished in ninth place overall. On the contrary, according to the analysis, Romania’s Bukure is suffering from uncertain public deficits with a score of 8.7.

Latvia’s Riga occupied the first place among European cities with the most expensive toilets. Each pt evaluated here contained the word pinav or its synonyms. Their security got a mere 3.24 out of 10. The toilets in Riga have an average rating of 3.36 out of 5. Public toilets in London have a similar rating, which has a population of around 9 million, while the Latvian capital has only 630,000.

Madrid surprised the deficit with its uncertainty

Madrid took second place with its stairs with an average of 4.23. She wrote eight reviews about uncertainty here. The average rating on Google maps is only 3.09 in the Spanish metropolis, which is one of the highest in Europe.

Spain is known for its high hygiene standards, bidets are common in Spanish homes and you can find them in some public toilets, which is why Madrid’s low rating in the safety index is surprising, the analysis states. From the first plate, only public deficits in Varav have a higher average rating. She finished in fifth place.

That position was occupied by Valleta on Malta. Showers to You points out that water scarcity is a problem in Malta due to the dry climate. According to the company, due to the smaller volume of water, the double flush system may have an impact on the safety of the toilets.

Pinavj stairs are not the crack ones, according to the analysis, they are the Stockholm and Lisbon ones. After Slovakia, the first plate was closed by m.

Brits prefer to go to a cafe when they go out

Showers to You is reminiscent of a survey by another British company, Citron Hygiene, according to which more than a few Londoners buy water just so they can walk down the stairs of the company. Do this first so that they avoid public toilets, for showers.

People prefer stairs in cafes and fast food restaurants mainly because of safety, 37 percent of the respondents highlight such a suitable area for washing hands. More than a quarter of the adults in the survey feel that they only use public toilets when it is absolutely unavoidable.

It turned out that 58 percent of the respondents could not use a public toilet because they did not have a day’s change on hand, which was estimated at around 30 pence per person, according to the survey.

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