South Moravian schools fight for the quality of education, gifted children and skilled teachers

South Moravian schools fight for the quality of education, gifted children and skilled teachers
South Moravian schools fight for the quality of education, gifted children and skilled teachers

So, on the other hand, the Moravian editor declares the situation unbearable. The basic term for understanding the issue is the unattractive acronym PHmax, i.e. the maximum number of hours of education financed by the state. Warn the unions that if it is cut, you will lose the division of the class into halves in some subjects, thanks to which I have taught my children to pay more attention to things.

To illustrate, a concrete example from the Brno warehouse in Hudcov Street, where they taught computer science at the second level. It is unfair to have a program in twenty-seven things equally. If the hours are not wasted, a very large number of heterogeneous groups will emerge, editor Jakub Cimala points out.

He also alludes to concerns about teachers’ salaries being raised to a guaranteed 130 percent of the average salary, because then young talented guys, such as teachers of physics, mathematics and computer science, will leave the school. The support system for cycling enthusiasts, which was introduced two years ago, is also at risk. Look for them right next to the list, and then a teacher with a maths and physics license will deal with them. If you cross it lightly, I have to support extraordinarily gifted to destroy, describes the concrete effects of Cimal.

In the same way, he does not like teachers and assistants or psychologists. Romana Loydov, the editor of Znojmsk Zkladn koly Mldee, also thinks of him. Non-pedagogical workers often do not even reach the minimum wage and we pay them from elsewhere, hls.

If he joins the strike, invite and negotiate with the union at the end of the week. They will also talk to politicians in Znojmo. Then he decides on the dalm abboten. The matter concerns not only those with unions, but also all the others. It is better to set up a joint process and a united effort for one, many wheeled unions in Znojmo and Vykovska Vladislav Krl.

Concerns about government officials also apply to bicycles. In the last two years, by changing the financial situation, we achieved the fact that, for example, the children’s dreams in these days came true, and it helped the staff. So the current proposals are in any case the way back. But it’s not over yet, reveals Andrea Kopov, the editor of Hranika’s mother Hranika.

Another bedroom full

As a step back, David Anderle marks the proposed changes to the Brno gymnasium in Vdesk Street. While for two we had a thousand paid hours, now it will be 900. We have to limit optional subjects like laboratory work. Meme may have taken away the printer, but no one would pay them the hundred. So don’t forget, don’t sleep full, he insists.

Even the current eleven technical and economic workers will die without even subsidizing them from teachers’ pensions. However, the regional councilor for the constituency Karel Jurka (ODS) did not accept his objection. The salary of non-teaching staff will not be affected by secondary schools in Moravia. We have included the potential shortfall in the region’s budget proposal, we have it in reserve. We should do that together, the user reacts in exasperation.

Note, however, that the limited PHmax will sometimes affect the quality of the sound. Nothing is certain yet, just discuss options for how to escape. Some users can use it to find out if you have a lot of over-the-limit workers. Even if the gross was reduced to a maximum sweat of hours, I don’t know if this is not a reason for discussion, not for a hundred. Everything is fine, the thing is a borderline problem, think.

Even half of the editors from other parts of Moravia are convinced that it should be negotiated, not met. Stvka is also the last option, according to Brno councilor for localities Irena Matonohov (STAN). The trick is communication. Although the government debates, it leads to misunderstandings and misinformation. In the first place, the death should be properly explained, which is also happening, although not always ideal. But everyone can criticize. I hope that everything is done so that children do not suffer, that should concern us the most, note.

editor Cimala points out that the fallen rate is decidedly legitimate, not the one changed years ago, which not only seemed absurd and baseless to him. The Minister of Religion at the time, Robert Plaga (ANO) declared it a debacle union. there were 195 of the involved bikes in the south of Moravia, but it did not correspond to reality. Now Minister Mikul Bek (STAN) wants to negotiate with the trade unions and look for ways to start sending workers.

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