The number of ideas from citizens of Prague 6 exceeded expectations

The number of ideas from citizens of Prague 6 exceeded expectations
The number of ideas from citizens of Prague 6 exceeded expectations

The renewed participatory budgeting project “Idea for Six” attracted the extraordinary attention of the citizens of Prague 6. Over 90 ideas were gathered, which is the most during the duration of this project.

Prague 6 thus ranks among the cities with the highest number of ideas in participatory budgets per inhabitant. Unfortunately, the organizers had to reject a little over ten applications, as they did not meet the basic formal requirements.

“Such activity of citizens excited me. Most of the ideas are creative, but at the same time they are often technically specific. I’m in awe of the work the drafters put into their ideas,” says Oldřich Kužílek, the representative – commissioner responsible for participation.

Among the ideas are, for example, railings on the sloping sidewalk at the home for the elderly or a strengthening pond in Břevnov, the revitalization of the football field in Vokovice, the repair of the stairs to Šárka or the relocation and restoration of the forgotten fountain in Liboc, a bookcase in Hanspaulka, an outdoor ping-pong table or the modification of the forest to a park in Ruzyna or the real St. Matthew’s Pilgrimage in Dejvice.

“Our neighbors have shown that they have a good understanding of the places where they live, perceive and think about the environment of their lives,” adds Halina Himmelová, who will now concretize the ideas with their proponents and experts at the town hall and verify whether they are really technically, financially and legally feasible.

Ideas that pass verification will be put to a public vote in spring 2024. The town hall will then implement those that succeed in the vote from autumn.

“We want to continue to work with ideas that either cannot be implemented through the Idea for Six or do not win the vote and draw inspiration for other plans,” adds Kužílek.

Some proposals also overlap with actions already underway. These will take place independently. The town hall immediately published all ideas at and will now gradually inform their proponents about their further progress.

number of Ideas meeting the entry conditions:

2023: 80 ideas received (several still under verification)
2021: 59 ideas received
2019: 54 ideas received
2018: 57 ideas received
2017: 38 ideas received

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