In November, the university library warms the air with the theme of Spain


In the UJEP Science Library (VK) you will find both a cozy cafe and books that you will fall in love with. In November, the library also warms the air with the theme of Spain.

If autumn doesn’t say anything to readers, they can come and see Spanish Days. They will remind them of sunny summer weather and southern carefreeness. Why Spain and why now? In November, the University Library continues the long-standing tradition of organizing “Presidential Days of the Council of the EU at UJEP”. On that occasion, the Spanish Ambassador to the Czech Republic Mr. Alberto Moreno Humet will also visit the university on 21 November 2023. He will meet the rector of UJEP Jaroslav Koutský, visit the university library and greet UJEP students, who will give a lecture about how they perceived his native country during their Erasmus study stays at universities in Spain.

PHOTO: Ústí has ​​its first retro trolleybus. He arrived from Brno, he will serve at events

The screening of two Spanish films is planned for November: Campeones today, 6/11/2023, and Azul Oscuro casi negro on 27/11/2023. Listeners of stories with the narrators’ own experiences can turn to the lectures “Let’s wander around Spain” on 15 11. 2023 or “Spain through the eyes of UJEP students” on 21. 11. 2023. They will learn how to live in Spain, and there will be no shortage of advice and experience. Artistically inclined individuals will certainly appreciate the two upcoming exhibitions. The first will be the “Sales exhibition of foreign books focused on UJEP’s fields of study and science”, from 8 to 9 November 2023, it will be on display in the lobby of the MFC building on the UJEP Campus. Among the publications will also be titles from Cambridge University press or Oxford.

The second exhibition is related to the Spanish Days. This is an exhibition by Antonia Peñi, a Spanish visual artist who created a collection of photographs entitled “Galicia in Photography”. In it, he records his inner world and his relationship to his native Galicia. The exhibition will be accessible until the end of December in a free selection of VK.

PHOTO: The chair is often changed to a camera. The pictures of the Ústice woman are also known in Japan

People who desire Internet and technological education always have the green light at VK UJEP. The library is preparing three lectures that can enrich them in these fields. On November 8, 2023 at 11:00 a.m., they can look forward to the lecture “Electronic Information Resources (EIZ)”, where they will learn how to work with licensed and unlicensed Internet resources. A lecture in a similar spirit will also take place on November 14 with doc. by Richard Papík – “Information resources for study, science and research”. Students who are writing a seminar, bachelor’s or diploma thesis and do not know how to write citations correctly can come to the lecture “Citation manager Citation PRO+” on 9 November 2023.

The last November lecture will take place on 15 November 2023 at the Faculty of Arts, UJEP and will be on the topic “On colours, light and shadow”. Guests will have the opportunity to talk with translator Markéta Kliková. Debtors’ amnesty will take place again in November. How does it work? If “sinners” return the book after the loan period on 11/10/2023, the library will forgive them the debt.

Jana Kasaničová, UJEP press spokesperson

Source: Martin Mudroch

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