Prime moves the world: In Germany, it is a promotional product, in America, the authorities have declared war on it

Prime moves the world: In Germany, it is a promotional product, in America, the authorities have declared war on it
Prime moves the world: In Germany, it is a promotional product, in America, the authorities have declared war on it

The energetic Prime drink is a trend for Czech children that reflects the popularity of social networks and the world of influencers. But it scares parents and experts with its composition, mainly because of the extra high dose of caffeine and also the price that their offspring are willing to pay for the drink. This is still a novelty in the Czech Republic. However, the drink has been available in foreign markets for longer. In a number of countries, resistance has risen against it and a number of restrictions have been introduced.

Drink Prime, Hydration line. Illustration video

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The creators offer two lines of drinks – Prime Hydration, a drink composed of coconut water and electrolytes without sugar and caffeine, but criticized for its high potassium content. And also the controversial Prime Energy line, i.e. an ultra-caffeinated energy drink that is supposed to have six times more caffeine than a can of Coca-Cola. In the Czech Republic, only the Prime Hydration series is currently available in stores, but the arrival of a second, more problematic series is also expected. It is not yet available in brick-and-mortar stores, but you can buy it online. Prime Energy is only intended for adults, like other energy drinks, it should not be in the hands of children and youth under 18 years of age.

In United States of America for example, the democratic senator for the state of New York, Chuck Schumer, also started a fight against the drink. In July, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) called for the composition Prime drink investigated and made recommendations that would limit advertising or marketing so that the drink would stop being a danger to children.

According to experts, the Prime drink is dangerous for children:

Czech children liked the dangerous drink. The ticking bomb scares experts and parents alike

“Most parents have no idea about it, it grows out of the world social media and influencers. Kids see it on their phones and feel like they really need it. But this product has so much caffeine in it that Red Bull can be ashamed. Unlike him, however, it has only one real target market – children under the age of eighteen,” the senator got angry.

But the investigation got stuck at a dead end. And this is due to the fact that on every package of the drink it is stated that it is not suitable for children under the age of eighteen. “Prime said in a statement to The New York Times that the caffeine content is comparable to other top-selling energy drinks on the market and meets FDA regulations and guidelines,” the newspaper quoted the company as saying.

Against Prime drink a number of schools took action on their own and banned the drinking of the drink on their grounds through school regulations. And not only in America. For example, the British or Australian media inform about measures at individual schools.

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“Schools across the country are banning students from bringing the highly caffeinated energy drink to school after a campaign by influencers KSI and Logan Paul created a frenzy over this drink on social media. A can of the drink contains almost twice the amount of caffeine that is allowed in drinks in Australia,” the Australian Broadcasting Corporation added.

Illegal sale?

In July, the Canadian authorities also took decisive action. The local food inspection had the drink withdrawn from sale.

However, foreign media note that Prime drink has reached store shelves despite the fact that its composition contradicts national regulations and it is practically impossible to legally import it directly into the country. “It’s complicated with e-commerce. Online sellers have a compliance problem. A third country sales route is also commonly used. A manufacturer may sell its product in another territory, from where a distributor or trader will eventually export it to Canada, without notifying the manufacturer,” Canadian station CBC noted.

Prime drinks are drunk by children during training sessions and matches. The doctor advises them to avoid them

The sale of Prime drink is also illegal in Denmark, New Zealand and the Netherlands. For example, the Republic of South Africa issued a comprehensive ban on drinking in schools. In Germany, on the other hand, Prime is freely available, this week it will even be available at a discount in a popular chain.

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