End of Rum Pralines. They stop their production in Olomouc


The legendary Rum pralines, which our grandfathers already enjoyed, will soon be only fond memories. Rum-scented confectionery will no longer be available on store shelves in the Czech Republic. Nestlé has decided to remove them from its product range. Their production is gradually ending in Zora Olomouc.

Rum pralines will soon disappear from stores. Their production ends in Zora Olomouc.

| Photo: Deník/Daniela Tauberová

“Yes, production is catching up this year,” Nestlé Česko spokeswoman Tereza Skrbková confirmed to Deník.

The reason for the approaching end of the legend between Czech and Czechoslovakian confectioneries is the declining interest from customers.

“We are adding new products to our product range, which we believe will meet the expectations, high demands and preferences of consumers. On the contrary, we are forced to remove products whose popularity among customers is declining, which was also the case with Rum pralines for a long time,” the spokeswoman explained.

New businesses are opening in the center of Olomouc. There are also long queues for goodies

“We believe that consumers will find their way to our other products, the popularity of which is increasing significantly among a wide range of consumers, thanks to a number of novelties and new flavors,” she added.

Rum pralines filled with a supersaturated solution of sugar, water and rum punch began to be produced in the 1960s. 10 years ago, the company revised the design to refresh customer interest.

Production of Kofila in Zora, Olomouc. In the collage, the cover of the special edition for the 100th birthday of the chocolate bar

Chocolate superstar from Olomouc. Kofila celebrates 100 years

And what about the rum content in Rum Pralines? The one in the pralines really is. However, it is not a separate component, but as part of the punishment. It makes up less than one percent of the composition of the cult candy, which apparently won points especially among men because of its rum flavor.


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