I agree with you, but don’t let the editor in the Zlnsk Region get dizzy

I agree with you, but don’t let the editor in the Zlnsk Region get dizzy
I agree with you, but don’t let the editor in the Zlnsk Region get dizzy

We agree with the reasons for the situation, but we cannot even imagine that we would start a circle. This is the first reaction of bicycle leaders in the Zlín region after the bicycle union announced that there will be a day-long strike on November 27. The action should alert you to the filling of the mole in the wheel.

However, it is necessary to remember that this is not about teachers’ salaries, as some media simplify it. It is about preserving the quality of the sound, pointed out the editor of Stedn prymslov koly polytechnic in Zln Ji Charvt.

The real threat is that we won’t be allowed to split the hours or offer optional subjects that increase expertise, he added.

This possibility in the form of the so-called PHmax kolm was given by the long-awaited reform of the regional council only a few years ago. To put it simply, the bikes were not paid by sweat, but by hours worked. This allowed them to divide into two groups and teach you mathematics in the same sweat. Or they could offer a math class or a professional seminar.

Fear of financial cycles

The government cards have to dry to the PHmax setting first, and the editors don’t like that. It also includes the financial salary of non-teaching staff such as cleaners and cooks.

Urit is concerned about how they will be financed. Unoccupied places should be demolished, only the bikes paid you rewards from this money, explained Martina Hladkov, the councilor responsible for the city.

For example, if there were only two wheels from the place for the cleaners, they had to handle the entire volume of work. However, she received a pension for the vacant position, and she could use them to reward her work.

I suppose our wheels will stick, but they won’t be dizzy, Hladkov guessed. We can’t say for sure right now, the bikes have an obligation to report their connection to the site and the form in which they will do it, the following days.

The protest covers all levels of bicycles in the regions, from mother to middle school. We take it as our duty to ensure that children are protected, disagreement will come out in a different form, it is not closed, responded the editor of Zlnsk Matersk Kola Lun David Blnek.

We will discuss the situation with the parents, to the editor

On the other hand, the editor of the Luh ve Vsetn bike magazine, Petr Koenek, would consider closing the bike, but he wants to discuss it with the parents.

I would be happy if they stood up for us. I have never seen such chaos and such an incompetent ministry, she said. I understand that the Minister of Regional Affairs does not understand, but it bothers me that I do not see at least an effort to penetrate the issue. He lacks expert argumentation, added Koenek.

I see the financial reserves in the system in the form of old centenarians who walk from one field to another without even completing one.

The trade unions have agreed with the government that one and one hundred editors will invest in them. For example, the editor of the Croatian grammar school Josef Havela, who is also a member of the board of the Association of grammar school editors, would not go to the hundred at this time. We have some promises from the Ministry, he pointed out.

I don’t hate things that seriously interfere with the organization of the bike, but I’m not a supporter of the idea that the wheels take the bikes hostage. I know that one of them has two jobs, said Petr Pavlsek, editor of the Integrated Secondary Education Center of Vocational Training in Valaske Mezi.

It also has to be taken into account that even if the average bike goes to professional practice and companies, the bikes have partnership ties with them, secretly with them.

It is recommended not to plan the day

Some trade unions, for example Kovo, decided to support the wheels and join the strike. In their direction, it will take the form of a watch of a wolf at work. They too have a need for quality long-term young people, and specifically in the Žilina region, the connection between companies and professional middle circles is very strong. As far as I know, I have been a member here for many years.

There are two unions in the circle, both the circle and the branch. I don’t know their requirements for the course of the event yet, but we will definitely join, Charvt added.

Other circles, for example Stedn vocational circle Josef Sousedek in Vsetn, German unions. This does not mean that we will not support the fall of the hundred. However, none of my colleagues have talked about it yet, so I can’t say how it will turn out, edited editor Marek Wandrol.

The Žilina region, which establishes the average bike, first of all respects it and does not plan a specific recommended day for bike editors.

the editor will evaluate themselves, based on the sweat of the workers, whether they can leave the circle open and to what extent. There must be at least a minimum standard from the point of view of safety, said Zuzana Fierov, the regional councilor responsible for cycling. It is true that the national budget in the area of ​​cycling as it is now designed will have an impact on regional cycling, she added.

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